Tales From the BRABAR Studio:  Everyday Choices for Teens and Young Adults (Bands 28-30) - BRABAR

Tales From the BRABAR Studio: Everyday Choices for Teens and Young Adults (Bands 28-30)

Tales From the BRABAR Studio:  Everyday Choices for Teens and Young Adults (Bands 28-30)

The summer is upon us.  A new season means new entries in your wardrobe, whether brand new or replacements.  Young adults and teenagers need help finding replacement bras, especially if they do not have the correct band size and cup size for their bra size and especially if they have a Band Size smaller than 32.

To find your bra size, it is very simple.  All you need is a soft measuring tape or a string and a ruler.  Also, see our handy BRABAR Sizing Calculator for more information.

The key to finding the right bra size is understanding the correlation between your band size and overbust measurement.  

The first measurement you need is the underbust measurement (the rib cage measurement).  The measuring tape or the string needs to be snug like a hug around the the rib cage where the band of your bra falls.  The underbust measurement is rounded to the nearest whole even number to get your band size.  

The second measurement you need is your overbust measurement.  The overbust measurement needs to be taken over the largest part of your overbust.  Take the measuring tape or string and make sure it’s parallel.  Unlike the underbust measurement, you do not want to be snug with this, but not loose.  Round up to the nearest whole number.

With the two measurements in hand, you subtract the band size from the overbust measurement.  Each inch is a cup size:  1 inch = A-cup, 2 inches = B-cup, 3 inches = C-cup, 4 inches = D-cup, 5 inches = DD/E-cup, 6 inches = DDD/F-cup.  The difference between the overbust and the band size is the consistent factor in bra sizes.  

With the sizing method in mind to help find the right everyday bras for young adults and teens, I have examples from BRABAR Studio of the Band Sizes and what BRABAR bras are good for everyday options.

The first example is a young woman looking for the correct bra size and good, comfortable everyday bras.  When she entered the studio, I measured her.  She measured a 30 underbust and since we do not need to round up, it is a 30 Band Size and a 34 overbust measurement.  To get the cup size, we subtract the Band from the Overbust for a difference of 4 inches.  A 4-inch difference between the overbust and the band size is a D-cup.  Therefore, the young adult woman’s bra size is 30D.

For her use as a young adult with a career, I suggested several options that would work:

-The Everyday Bra!  The Everyday Bra is my top choice for an all-day supportive bra with a back closure.  It features a smooth design and removable cups for comfort and style. This bra comes in three everyday colors: Black, Mushroom, and Natural Gray. Natural Gray and Mushroom.  The everyday bra has adjustable shoulder straps.

-The Soft Day Bra!  The Soft Day Bra is my other top choice for an everyday bra option.  It is a best-seller in the store and online. The Soft Day Bra with back closure combines the everyday ease of a bralette.  It is quite surprisingly supportive.  The Soft Day Bra comes in three everyday colors: Black, White, Ballet Pink, and several colorful tie-dye colors. 

-Cotton Stretch U-Back Bralette! The Cotton Stretch line is a great option for the smaller bands.  The breathable and comfortable Cotton Stretch U-Back Bralette is an elegant U-back design offering a modern silhouette with medium-impact support for daily activities and the gym. 

-The Everyday Longline Cami Bra!  The Everyday Longline Cami Bra is a comfortable and supportive longline cami bra.  It is great for layering in outfits.  The longline cami features a keyhole back closure and removable cups.  The Everyday Longline Cami Bra has a smooth design and adjustable thin straps.  It comes in two basic colors:  Black and Mushroom.

The young woman picked the Everyday Bra and the Cotton Stretch U-Back.  Both are amazing options for every day, they are comfortable and useful in any wardrobe.

The second example was a teenage girl.  Her mother brought her in and she didn’t want to be measured at first, but after explaining that it would make things easier for me to make suggestions, she allowed me to measure her.  She measured a 27 underbust, and since we rounded up to get the band size, she had a 28 Band Size.  She measured a 31 overbust.  For her bra size, we subtract the Band 28 from the Overbust 31 to get a difference of 3 inches.  A 3-inch difference is a C-Cup.  Her bra size was 28C.

For the teenager with a small bust and bust, I suggested:

-The Soft V Crop Bralette!  One of the top starter bras for any preteen or teen.  You cannot go wrong with this Soft V Crop Bralette!  The super comfortable Soft V Crop Bralette is soft and great for everyday bralette.  It is easy to pull over the head or easy to step into for your convenience.  The Soft V Crop also has thicker straps for additional comfort.  Made with a special blend of materials, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while retaining the stretchiness and shape. Size down for firmer support around the band.

-The Everyday Bra!  The Everyday Bra is a no-brainer.  Easy, comfortable, and perfect for those who want the look of a wire bra but the comfort of a wireless one.

-The Everyday J-Hook Bra!  The Everyday J-Hook Bra is another wonderful starter bra with removable cups.  A pull-over-the-head everyday bra, the J-Hook in the back sets it apart as a convertible option to make it a racerback.  It comes in Black and Mushroom.

-The Soft Cami Bra!  A fan-favorite, the Soft Cami is a great bra top for a teenager or preteen.  The Soft Cami Bra is a comfortable and supportive bra top. The Soft Cami Bra is a seamless, unlined double-layer wire-free bra top. With adjustable straps, the Soft Cami Bra Top comes in classic Black and classic white but also new, fun colors to add to the wardrobe of Mushroom, Della Robbia Blue, Fuschia Rose, and Orchid Pink. 

Ultimately, she liked the Soft V Crop Bralette and the Everyday J-Hook Bra, comfortable and versatile starter everyday bras for teens.  She also got comfy underwear.

With these options for both young adults and teenagers alike with 28 Band and 30 Band, the key is always to find your correct bra with the proper fitting method.

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