Red Bras

Discover our curated selection of red bras, bralettes, and sports bras meticulously crafted for teens, girls, and women. Our versatile red range promises a perfect fit, unparalleled comfort, and superior support. Ideal for daily wear, sports, and special occasions, these essentials seamlessly integrate into any wardrobe. Shop now for your ultimate red halter bra, tailored for all sizes and designed to enhance every silhouette.

Red Bras

When you're really feeling life - in all its seductive glory - inspired, passionate, confident and motivated, there's only one bra that will do it and that's the red bra. Red bras exude strength, vitality and character. When you're ready to take on the world and want your breasts to feel their best, a red bra brings you the right lift and support - physically and emotionally. BRABAR's collection of red bras are truly unparalleled. They're sexy, sassy and supportive of the girls, just like you. 

But, the best part about BRABAR's red bras is that they stand out in a good way, while offering discreet support when you need it. They stand out because of the ultra-soft, ultra-stretch microfibers made from sustainable knit yarn. These fiery red beauties feel like a breeze to the touch and keep you comfortable, moisture-free and breathing easy all day. Once you wear a red bra, you won't want to stop! At the same time, the seamless design on these red bras ensure they slip easily under a range of outfits, offering versatile styling options. The color red is bold and unapologetic and the versatile designs of BRABAR's red bras let you wear them in many different ways. We love wearing our red bras as crop top bras, too!

BRABAR's red bras offer wirefree comfort and support. How do they do that? Using BRABAR's EZ- Fit Guide that ensures every red bra offers the correct bra fit like it was tailor-made just for you! To find your bra size and measurements at BRABAR, all you need is a measuring tape and to consult BRABAR's EZ- Fit guide or the BRABAR bra size calculator. After measuring bra cup size and band size using the instructions, you'll find yourself a number and an alphabet which is your bra size. This bra size from measurements tells BRABAR the exact fit you need at the underbust and the correct bra fit you'll need at the breasts. That's when BRABAR's meticulously crafted red bras swing into the picture. They're crafted using innovative fabric design that stretches and moulds itself to your natural shape lifting using a supportive grip and hug. The soft knit yarn offers targeted bust support to separate and lift the breasts while the stretch on the fabric contours and supports the breasts. 

The soft V lace bralette in fuschia rose is a bright and bold red with versatile uses. This is a great junior bralette for first time bra girls looking for a bra that feels good and looks good. The lace bralettes in red also offer discreet styling under white shirts for those with a fairer skin-tone with pink undertones. They're great to slip under slip dresses and plunge-necklines as the V-neck promises no-show support and coverage. Girls love to style this low-impact sports bra with lace as a crop top bra styled with leggings or jeans. Anyone looking for bralettes for DDD cup sizes will not be disappointed by the soft V lace bralette in red with the double-layer fabric, reversible design and targeted bust support.

The cami bra in fuschia rose is a supportive cami bra in red whose ultra-stretch fabric contours, molds and lifts the breasts using soft fabric and superior design. It's one of the best bras for teens looking for a bra that accommodates growing buds while offering a relaxed design. We also love styling the cami bra top in red as a crop top bra.


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