White Bras

Explore our essential collection of white bras, bralettes, and sports bras, perfect for every wardrobe. Crafted for comfort and style, these versatile pieces offer a flawless fit for teens, girls, and women. Ideal for everyday wear, sports, or special events, our white bras and off-white ensure comfort and support for all sizes. Shop now and find the ultimate white halter bra to enhance your silhouette.

White Bras

Nothing like a crisp, white, tailored bra for when you want to look your fresh, effortless best. White bras exude effortless elegance and confidence. They keep it simple and classic when you need to put your best look forward. BRABAR's white bras love to keep things classy. When you need to keep cool in the summers, a classic white bra from BRABAR does the trick with its moisture-wicking technology, gentle support and lift and breezy silhouette. 

What makes BRABAR's white bras so cool? For starters, they're wirefree which means these white bras bring you support and confidence without restrictions. White bras are meant for living in, so why would you want the underwires and the worries anyway? BRABAR's white bras feature double-layered, ultra-soft fabric that's knit to provide stretch and targeted support. The double-layered fabric on these white bras ensure coverage and modesty. However, if you're feeling like you need the extra modesty, our white bras come with removable cups. The ultra-stretchable, soft and sustainable fabric wraps itself to your skin in a gentle hug, contouring and lifting your breasts in a firm grasp. Because the fabric on these white bras is breathable and moisture-wicking, they're great to wear all-day. 

To ensure you make the most of your white bra from BRABAR, we help you find your bra size and measurements using an easy peasy EZ- Fit guide. Simply grab a soft measuring tape and follow the instructions to get your bra size from measurements and calculate your correct bra fit! These bra size measurements are important to ensure the fabric on these meticulously crafted white bras wrap around you to give you the right hug, support and lift. 

BRABAR's white bras are comfy bras for teens and young women. The soft day bra with a back closure is a good everyday bra for school and work. Make sure you don't wear the white soft day bra with back closure under translucent white shirts and your bra may pop through the fabric. For everything else from school uniforms to tailored work-wear, these soft day bras in white are ideal to keep you comfortable through the hustle. 

A good training bra is the cami bra in white. A supportive cami bra with a relaxed and flattering silhouette but firm support and lift, this cami bra is loved by teens. The cami bra top in white can be worn as a crop top bra paired with jeans, skirt and leggings. It's double-layer fabric and stretch accommodates growing breasts and keeps the breasts gently supported and lifted. It's an equally great bra for women looking for a white bra to slip on under a casual fit tee or a slip dress. 

Every cocktail dress needs a cocktail BFF. Enter the backless halter bra in white. Backless halters feature the unique halter-neck strap design with straps that wrap around the neck and an open-back. This allows your white backless halter bra to slip under a backless dress, cut-out tops and low-back blouses without show while supporting and lifting the breasts. The backless halter bra offers the level of support of a medium-impact sports bra in white ensuring you stay comfortable and supported from the dance floor to the drinks bar. 

Speaking of hustling, one white bra that's the queen of the hustle-game is the white convertible bra featuring straps that can switch from cami-style straps to halter-style straps to racerback straps. Every girl needs a white bra in her closet. Make sure the white convertible bra is one of them!


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