Sports Bras

Stay active and stylish with our Sports Bras, designed for girls, teens, and women. These wire-free, versatile bras suit low to medium-impact activities, available in sizes 28-38 and cups AA-DD.

Sports Bras

Sports bras are great for all sorts of occasions, not just when you need to hit the gym. Good sports bras give you targeted bust support on a sliding scale for various activities. Low-impact sports bras are good for a casual stroll with friends, yoga sessions or playing in the backyard with your kids. Medium-impact sports bras take the compression levels up a notch over low-impact sports bras. They help lift, support and grip your breasts during medium-impact activities like cycling, rowing and weightlifting. Medium-impact activities involve decent amounts of movement without necessarily being strenuous. High-impact sports bras increase compression and bust support for high-impact activities involving high levels of movement and bounce such as running, aerobics and mountain biking. There's a sports bra for every occasion! 

Finding a good sports bra comes down to finding the right bra size from measurements. Getting your bra size right guarantees the correct bra fit and automatically makes sure your bra is the perfect match. How to determine bra sizes? We know it sounds like rocket science but it shouldn't be. Our EZ-fit method simplifies finding your bra size making online bra shopping super easy for girls. Ready to get your measurements for a bra size? Head over to our Fit Guide for an easy explainer on how to know what size bra you are: Find my bra size.

If you'd like help with measuring or selecting styles that blend well with your closet and lifestyle needs, reach out to us for a personalized fitting session! We're here to help!

Once you have your bra size, you're ready to find your sports bra! BRABAR's sports bras have something for everyone. We've got something for the girls who need extra support during errand runs, and a lot of surprises for girls with very active lifestyles and workout schedules. From sports bras with lace to halter sports bras, our sports bras help you switch up your style. 

The soft cami bra top is good for low-impact activities like walking, skating, yoga, or even busy lifestyles involving school days or rushing between meetings. The bra cami-style gives you a structured fit and good support under tailored uniforms and professional attire. Our cami bras are wirefree, comfortable and supportive featuring ultra stretchable, soft knit fabric that contour the breasts, providing breast support and lift. They're a hot favorite with girls who love an athleisure look, and want a supportive cami bra top to wear inside or out. 

The Hug bralette halter lace and the Hug strappy halter bra are great for medium-impact activities like cycling or jogging. They also make styling your outfits a whole lot of fun. Our halter bras are wirefree, comfortable and supportive, featuring soft, ultra stretch fabric with moisture-wicking technology. They lift and provide targeted bust support. Halter bras and bralettes feature a unique strap design that wraps around the neck for extra lift. A lace sports bra is great for styling under gym tanks, dressy tops and anything in your wardrobe. The lace detailing at the neck pops adding accents to the look. 

The Stretch U-back bra cotton is an everyday bra perfect for low and medium-impact activities. The ultra stretch fabric molds to the contours of your breast accentuating your breasts' natural shape while providing lift and shape. The Cotton stretch U-back bra is made from sustainable and super soft cotton yarn that are breathable, absorbent, durable and offer superior shape retention. This wirefree, comfortable and supportive bra features a natural U-back that  is perfect for layering under low back tops. 

For strenuous activities at the gym, running and aerobics, the X sports bra offers maximum compression and targeted bust support. The double layer fabric accommodating growing breasts and easy to wear racerback design make it a great accessory. 

It's time to get rolling with sports bra shopping. Will it be a halter sports bra, lace sports bra or  bra cami-style for you? 


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