Teen Bras

Teen Bras are designed for maximum comfort with a wireless experience, suitable for all body types. Our range fits in sizes 28-38 and cups AA-DDD/F, catering to everyone from petite to full-busted teens.

Teen Bras

Shopping for your first bra is a sacred moment. Here's you: wonderful, confident, beautiful and now a bra girl! When you enter the world of bras, you want to make sure you find good bras for teens that reflect your personality and are supportive and comfortable. That's where BRABAR's training bras come in. Our philosophy is that your bra must fit you right for it to deserve a place in your life. We've no room for unsupportive, badly-fitted bras with pesky underwires. A good bra for us is a bra that supports you from the inside out. It's made from natural materials and sustainable fabric that moves and contours to the natural shape of your body, and helps you feel more confident. 

Our training bras are made from ultra-stretch fabric that stretch and make room as your breasts grow. They're wirefree and designed to support you based on your bra size and measurements. The correct bra fit gives you a bra that fits just right at the band, which in turn makes sure your breasts are lifted and supported. Meanwhile, the right bra cup size measurement along with superior fabric design and stretch ensures targeted bust support. Our bras are made to be breathable and comfortable with moisture-wicking technology. To find your correct bra size and measurements, head over to our EZ- Fit Guide or reach out to us for a personalized fitting session!

BRABAR's training bras might be the best bras for teens because we cater to hyper specific bra sizes and measurements meaning you get a more perfect fit! Our bras fit girls with band sizes 28-38 and measuring bra cup sizes AAA to DDD. What's more, the ultra stretchable fabric on our bras make room to accommodate growing breasts. 

The everyday bra is a wirefree, comfortable and supportive bra with back closure. Removable contour cups and double-layer fabric give you supported breasts with a seamless fit under t-shirts and form-fitting outfits. The everyday bra features adjustable straps and an easy to hook back closure. This one's a perfect choice for school. The convertible everyday bra features a j-hook for a bra. It does everything that the everyday bra does but features straps that you can change from regular straight straps to crossback. This is useful when you need extra support. The everyday convertible bra also features light removable pads and double-layer fabric for a bra experience that is supportive, comfortable and wirefree. 

The soft cami bra top is a supportive cami bra with ultra stretch fabric and an unlined double-layer. BRABAR girls love to slip them on as cami bra tops. A strong band, and structured silhouette along with superior fabric offer targeted bust support while being wirefree and comfortable. The athletic silhouette of a cami bra also lends itself well under tailored school uniforms and sports outfits. 

The Hug halter bralette lace is a junior bralette with lace that feels like a hug. The unique halter neck design is fun to style and provides extra support on active days. If you're a girl with sloping shoulders, the halter strap design avoids troublesome strap slipping issues. The junior bralette is perfect to style out as a top or to wear under casual tees and tops. 

The Hug strappy halter bra is a halter neck bra with low back and five straps running down the center of the back. It's great for days of movement and the cute straps are fun to layer under mesh tops or low-back outfits. It's a great training bra and good bra for teens who lead active lifestyles. The halter neck bra is made of soft, super breathable nylon yarns with moisture-wicking technology. It's a comfortable, wirefree halter neck bra that is stretchable and flexible and accentuates the natural shape of your breast, celebrating you as you grow. 

The hug backless halter bra is the best bra to style under low-back dresses and tops. The lace sports bra supports an active lifestyle while being a breeze to style. 

Among the top best bras for teens is the X sports bra, good for girls playing sport and leading very active lifestyles. The X sports bra provides added compression to the bust to minimize bounce. The double layer fabric lends support and lift to the bust, while the racerback design makes it fun to wear under sports outfits or out as a top paired with leggings. 

Being a bra girl is a whole lot of fun. Let us know if you need help to find your bra size and measurements to get you started on this fun ride of confidence and self-love. 


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