Blue Bras

Fill your top drawer with our curated collection of blue bras, bralettes, and sports bras, available in a variety of shades—from sky blue to deep navy. Essential for any wardrobe, these pieces are designed for comfort and style, providing a flawless fit for teens, girls, and women. Ideal for daily wear, athletic activities, or special occasions, our blue bras offer unmatched comfort and support across all sizes.

Blue Bras

Bright blue sky blues, soft, soothing baby blues and deep contemplative ocean blues - what's your pick? We'd like one of each, please! BRABAR's blue bras are versatile, stylish and comfortable! Whether you're looking for a bra to lounge in or a bold statement piece, these blue bras are a great choice. BRABAR's blue bras are designed to boost your confidence inside-out. They're soft and stretchy and wrap around you like a hug, enhancing and flattering your natural curves, without the underwires. The fabric is designed to offer targeted bust support that lifts and separates the breasts with strong band support and adjustable strap support. 

BRABAR utilizes the EZ- Fit Guide to ensure the bra you choose fits you just right. This fit guide helps you find your bra size and measurements and gives you a unique number and alphabet to help you find the bra that fits just right at the band and the cups. Girls with bras will know that the correct bra fit is so important to improving posture, ensuring proper support, preventing discomfort and skin rashes and boosting your confidence. Get started by measuring bra cup size and band size measurements to find the perfect blue bra for comfort, support and style. 

The soft day bra with a back closure is a pretty everyday bra in an elegant Victoria blue. It's a good bra for teens and women looking for everyday support and confidence. The soft day bra features super soft and sustainable fabric that gently stretches and lifts from the band and contours and separates the breasts with a snug fit. Slip it under a school uniform, workwear or under a casual tee and watch as it does its magical disappearing and supporting act. 

The soft cami bra top is like your soft day bra but features a pull-over design and an extended band. Unlike the soft day bra, the soft cami bra top can double up as a crop top bra. Teens and young women love to style the cami bra in blue out as a cami bra top. It features soft and stretchable fabric that supports and enhances your natural shape and size and an extended band that does all that heavy-lifting hard work from below. Slim cami-style straps finish off the look. The cami bra top is one of the best bras for teens and women looking for a versatile bra to slip under tees, tops and dresses or to style as a crop top. 

Every girl needs extra support on days of more movement and when you feel like you're on a jog all day. That's where the X sports bra in navy blue comes to the rescue! It's a great compression bra in blue for medium-impact activities like cycling or hiking. This sports bra with a racerback design features targeted bust support and compression to minimize bounce. The moisture-wicking technology and breathable fabric ensure you stay happy and healthy while you're knocking items off that to-do list or hitting the gym. 

And, if you need a sports bra with lace the soft V lace bralette in blueis just the thing for you. This gentle bralette in blue features a V-neck and a lace-back design. With its soft and stretchy fabric, it's a great junior bralette for girls with growing breasts, as it makes room for growth. It's also a great bralette for DDD cup sizes and those with fuller busts who may shy away from bralettes. The fabric design ensures you receive the right support and lift no matter your bust size.


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