Best Bras for AA - C cup

Enjoy our range of bras for AA to C cups, thoughtfully designed for micro boobies with ultra-soft, seamless styles available in both pull-over and back closure options. Our wireless bra designs offer all-day comfort and personalized padding levels.

Best Bras for AA - C cup

A good bra for teens and young women is one with the correct bra fit. Whether you're looking for your first bra or are a bra girl looking to upgrade your bra wardrobe, one thing is for sure - the best bra has to fit and feel right. 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size. Some of these are women who are seasoned bra girls wearing bras all their lives. Oftentimes, women go by what store attendants may advise them on fit. Other times they may head over to lingerie store trial rooms to try on what seems to fit right. Finding your bra size and measurements are crucial to avoiding this mistake. Your bra consists of a band, cups and straps each playing their own role in supporting your breasts. The band is the section of the bra that sits right below your breasts at the underbust. The band plays a central role in lifting and supporting your breasts. A badly-fitted bra can feature a band that's too loose and rides up your back or a band that digs into your skin and is just too tight. The cups support the volume of your breasts by holding, separating and providing compression where needed. Even a slightly oversized cup can lead to your breasts not being held right and a slightly undersized cup can cause skin bulging and irritation. This is why the first step to finding the right bra is to ask: how do you measure for a brassiere? 

BRABAR makes finding the right bra easy through three steps. The EZ-Fit method is an easy to understand measurement system that helps girls and women through measurements for bra sizes at home. All you need is a soft measuring tape and to follow the steps listed under the Fit Guide. Once you have your bra size and measurements, online bra shopping is easy because each bra caters to your exact band size and cup size measurements. Simply browse through the styles that appeal to your personality or align with your wardrobe and style statement and lifestyle needs. BRABAR makes the best bras for teens and women in a diverse range of band sizes from 28-38 and girls and women measuring bra cup sizes AAA to DDD. 

For girls looking for bras measuring bra cup sizes AAA to C, BRABAR designs bras that provide a natural fit. Every BRABAR bra is made from ultra-stretchable fabric meaning that they expand as your breast buds grow. This is why they're good bras for teens but equally for women who also undergo size changes over months (we all do owing to lifestyle factors and other events in our lives - which is why measuring yourself every year is critical to wearing the right bra). Every BRABAR bra is wirefree, supportive and comfortable providing enhanced support through the right sizing and innovative fabric design that provides natural support, lift and contouring. Soft and sustainable knit yarns target bust support by separating your breasts and providing natural compression. This design that naturally supports your breasts by working with them provides a superior and comfortable experience for girls with bras in cup sizes AAA to C. A good bra improves posture and enhances confidence guiding you to fall in love with everything that's beautiful about you. 

Petite size girls in cup sizes AAA to C can choose between a number of styles that cater to different styling needs and activity levels. The everyday bra and supportive cami provide smooth and seamless styling under T-shirts and casual clothing. The cami bra can double up as a cami bra top. The open back halter and halter lace bra come in with extra compression and lift on busy days. The strapless bra top with a sweetheart neckline is a dream to style as a top while slipping seamlessly under sexy tops and dresses. The everyday longline bra does everything that soft everyday bra and supportive cami bras do but features a V-neck that's easy to slip under plunge necklines with an extended band that enhances support when you're on the go. So does the stretch U-back bra cotton with a scooped U-back for discreet styling under various outfits. It's an easy choice to style under day dresses and dressy, summer-y blouses but an equal favorite to slip under a casual tee and pajamas. The convertible bra comes to the rescue of girls measuring bra cup sizes AAA to C who have a full schedule and need a bra to take them from one outfit to another without changing bras. For workouts and training days, there's the wirefree X sports bra with added compression and grip at the breasts to minimize bounce. A lace sports bra is just the thing a teen will love and makes a great training bra. With the all over lace detailing and the comfy wirefree support the BRABAR lace sports bra offers, it's an easy choice to slip under a school uniform or style as a top with jeans and a jacket on weekends. 

There's a bra for every size at BRABAR because you're not just a body, you're somebody and your bra recognizes and loves that. 


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