Bras for Girls Under 10

When selecting bras for girls under 10, prioritize comfort, modesty, and gentle support. Choose soft, breathable materials like cotton or modal. Opt for training bras or soft-cup bras that provide minimal support but offer necessary coverage, making the transition into wearing bras comfortably. Ensure a proper fit—bras should be snug without being tight and have adjustable straps for growing bodies. Designs can be fun, with cute colors to make the experience positive. Consider sports bras for active girls. Discuss preferences with them to ensure their comfort and confidence in this new phase.

Girls under 10

Bras for Girls under 10

Girls under 10 can begin to show breast buds meaning it's a good time for a training bra! A good training bra for girls under ten should be soft and stretchable and fit like a top like BRABAR's crop top bras. Each BRABAR soft crop bra and crop top bra features ultra-soft, ultra stretch material that supports breast buds in a snug hug and offers just the right support and coverage. At this age, what young girls under 10 need the most is coverage for breast buds that may stick awkwardly out of tees and tops. 

A good place to start before online bra shopping for your bra girl is to find her bra size and measurements. At her age, she's most likely to have breast buds measuring cup size AAA, an underserved cup size in the market, served by BRABAR. To find her bra size measurements, simply follow BRABAR's EZ- Fit Guide. This fit guide features four steps beginning with measuring her band size followed by measuring bra cup size and calculating her bra size from measurements noted. All you'll need is a soft measuring tape and the Fit Guide or you could use the BRABAR bra size calculator to find her bra size. 

Once you have her bra size, it's easy to find her a perfectly snug fitting junior bralette or soft crop bra from BRABAR's delightful selection. Comfort is key and BRABAR's bras for girls under 10 are wirefree, comfortable and supportive. They're soft, stretchable and easy to maintain, and offer all-day hygiene with breathable fabric boasting moisture-wicking technology. All of our crop top bras and junior bralettes come in cute styles and a fun range of colors that girls under 10 will love. There's every color of the rainbow from orange bras and red bras to purple bras, blue bras and white bras. And, which girl doesn't love a pretty pink bra!

The supportive cami bra is a great bra for a girl under 10 with its cute tank top fit and soft, supportive and stretchable fabric. The cami bra top features soft and slim straps and breathable, moisture wicking fabric that offers great support on active days. The soft V crop bra top is another sweetheart bra that's easy to slip into with its pullover style and soft snug material. Just what a girl needs on a school day.

The halter brasare great for days spent on the playground with the halter neck straps providing additional lift and support. The lace halter bralette is a delicate and cute bralette featuring lace detailing at the neck. These sports bras with lace offer support for medium-impact activities like running and athletics, cycling and dance classes. They're super cute and girly, too! Girls can choose between halter bras featuring strap detailing at the back for a more sporty look, lace detailing at the neck or a backless halter braand halter neck bras with low backs for support and comfort under low-back tops and blouses. As girls under 10 embrace their junior bras, BRABAR's bra hug them back in a soft, supportive embrace, helping lift and boost confidence and a sense of self.


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