BRABAR Launches Innovative Bra Size Calculator: A Step Towards Standardizing Bra Measuring Methods in the US - BRABAR

BRABAR Launches Innovative Bra Size Calculator: A Step Towards Standardizing Bra Measuring Methods in the US

Addressing Bra Confidence & Comfort, 8 out of 10 Young Women Wear the Wrong Bra Size.

To address the widespread issue of women wearing incorrectly sized bras, BRABAR proudly announces the launch of its Bra Size Calculator, a pivotal component of its comprehensive Fit Guide. This initiative underscores the BRABAR movement's commitment to empowering women with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their perfect bra fit from home.

A startling statistic highlights the problem: eight out of ten young women wear the wrong bra size. BRABAR's Fit Guide and Calculator aim to rectify this by simplifying the measurement process with the E-Z Fit Method, encouraging women to measure their band and bust sizes at home for more accurate sizing and enhanced confidence.

Designed to demystify bra sizing, the BRABAR Calculator outlines a straightforward, three-step process: measuring the band, bust, and cup sizes. This method can provide a cup capacity in inches by taking the bust measurement and substracting the band size. This intuitive tool guides women to their accurate bra size and emphasizes the importance of proper fit for optimal comfort and support.

Additionally, The BRABAR movement transcends the mere act of finding the right fit; it seeks to shift the conversation around body image and self-confidence. Many women and girls suffer discomfort and diminished confidence due to ill-fitting bras, a reality BRABAR aims to change by promoting comfort as the cornerstone of confidence, advocating that every woman deserves to feel secure and comfortable daily.

BRABAR has emerged as a leader in bra fit and the benefits of wire-free bras and bralettes rooted in comfort, support, and style. Extending sizes from the current AA to DDD/F, BRABAR strives for inclusivity, serving both petite and full-busted young women. BRABAR redefines foundational wear for today, focusing on quality, inclusivity, and sustainability.

 The #BRABAR movement advocates for the standardization of bra sizing methods, endorsing the global standard rib cage method. Despite the universal adoption of this method, discrepancies persist, notably in the US. Varying methods lead to confusion and the pervasive issue of wearing the wrong size. BRABAR's initiative champions clarity, consistency, and accuracy in bra sizing, guiding women through the sizing process with its global standard-compliant calculator.

In the United States, the approach to measuring for the correct bra size has been muddled by two inconsistent methods, leading to confusion and the widespread issue of women wearing bras that don't fit properly. On one hand, there's the armpit method, popularized by Victoria's Secret, which often results in a band size that doesn't provide the necessary support. On the other hand, brands like SKIMS and Soma add 4 inches to the band size measurement, which further complicates finding the right fit. Imagine the discrepancy when one method is used over the other; imagine if someone uses the armpit method and then adds 4 inches to the band size, compared to the recommended practice of adding zero inches and rounding to the nearest even number.


This inconsistency highlights the need for a standardized approach to bra sizing, ensuring women can confidently find a bra that offers comfort and support. BRABAR's initiative to use and promote the global standard rib cage method aims to eliminate this confusion, offering a clear and straightforward path to determining the perfect bra size.


We invite you to explore the BRABAR Fit Guide and use our Bra Size Calculator to find your perfect fit. Join the movement toward a future where comfort and confidence reign supreme, and women are empowered with the information they need.

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