Bras for Women Over 20

For women over 20 who prefer the comfort and freedom of wire-free bras, the focus is on finding options that blend seamless support with ultimate comfort. These bras feature innovative designs that provide support, using structured seams, wider bands under the bust, and supportive yet soft materials. Look for bras made from breathable, skin-friendly fabrics with a hint of stretch to adapt to your body shape. There are a variety of styles, from everyday basics to more sophisticated options, ensuring that comfort doesn't compromise fashion. Adjustable straps and closure options allow for a customized fit. Emphasize bras that offer a smooth silhouette under clothing for a great look. Women seeking this wire-free experience will find that advancements in bra design mean choosing comfort no longer limits style or support, making it possible to feel both dreamily comfortable and confidently supported throughout the day.

Women over 20

Best Bras for Women Over 20

Once you're 20 or over, you've likely been a bra girl a while now. You know what you like and you know what you need based on what your lifestyle demands and what you love to wear. But, that doesn't make you giggle any less over the perfect bra fit (so lovely when it fits like a hug), breathable fabric, designs that wow and delicious colors! 

It's important to note that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size - yes, even older women! No matter your age, getting your bra size and measurements taken regularly (we say once every year at the very least) is crucial to ensuring you're wearing the correct bra size and getting the support you deserve. Our bra sizes can fluctuate over the years with lifestyle, hormonal changes and age. To make it easy to keep abreast of bra size measurements, we've created an easy EZ- Fit guide that lets you measure yourself at home before online bra shopping. All you need is a soft measuring tape and you're good to go! Measuring band size is the first time in the process followed by measuring bra cup size. The final step is to calculate bra size from these measurements following the steps on the EZ- guide or simply use this easy BRABAR bra size calculator. 

Every woman deserves a good everyday bra which is why we made these super soft and stretchable everyday bras in soft yarns. These double- layered bras offer modesty and full coverage while the ultra-stretch fabric gently lifts and supports your breasts. They're great to wear to work or university! They also style beautifully under form-fitting tops and come with removable cups for extra modesty. 

The everyday longline cami bra is a great alternative to the everyday bra for women looking for a more relaxed fit. This double-layered bra does everything that your everyday bra does but features an extended band for reinforced support. This means it's a great one for the dance floor or the outdoors. The V-neck is easy to style under party tops and slinky dresses with low necklines. 

The supportive cami bra offers loungewear options and is also a good sports bra for low to medium-impact activities. The soft fabric gently supports, lifts and contours your natural shape bringing out that inner confidence and charisma!

The soft day bra and soft lace bralettes are great alternatives to the everyday bra for women looking to have some fun while layering. The soft day bra wears a gentle touch without compromising on support and is perfect for long hours at the university library. The lace bralette wears well as a crop top bra paired with denim and is great for fashionistas looking for some fun with layering. 

Halter bras such as the halter bralette with lace, the backless halter bra and the strappy halter bra are wardrobe must-haves for active women. Sports bras with lace and the strappy halter bras are versatile wardrobe pieces that slip under gym clothes offering delightful layering opportunities but are lots of fun to wear as crop top bras too. 

And ofcourse, strapless bra tops and convertible bras for parties and date nights! BRABAR's strapless brais super soft, features no underwires but promises an all-day lift and grip. The convertible brawith straps that go from cami, to halter to racerback-style, will have you breezing through outfit changes and to-do lists like a boss girl!


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