Yellow Bras

Explore our exclusive collection of yellow bras, halter bralettes, and sports bralettes, featuring shades from sunny lemon to rich golden mustard. Each piece is crafted for supreme comfort and style, ensuring a perfect fit for every woman. Ideal for every occasion, these yellow color bras, halter bralettes, and lace bralettes seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. Elevate your wardrobe with the ultimate yellow bra and bralette, designed for both style and support.

Yellow Bras

Yellow is a stunningly transformative color. It's been associated with joy, positivity and confidence for so long. No wonder we love our yellow bras at BRABAR. These stunning yellow bras are a great introduction to the BRABAR philosophy and movement - that you're not just a body, you're somebody. Each yellow bra is wirefree and stresses comfort, support and confidence for you every single day. 

So, how do these yellow bras do it? BRABAR's yellow bras are designed to fit the EZ- Fit scale. The EZ- fit guide teaches you how to find your true bra size and measurements. When you get around to measuring bra cup size and band size this way, you find a bra that fits you just right at the underbust and at the overbust, that is, below the breasts and at the fullest part of your bust. This is super important for every bra girl wanting a yellow bra that fits snug like a hug of sunshine. With a yellow bra that wraps around you like a hug, you notice your posture improve, the support to your body feels so much better without rashes, digging or pinching and you're more confident about your body.

A sureproof way to find the best yellow bra is to find your bra size and measurements using the Bra Size Calculator and a measuring tape. Simply follow the instructions to find your correct bra fit! 

BRABAR's yellow bras and bralettes are comfy bras for teens and women. They are soft to the touch and made from stretchable fabric that accommodates growing breasts. The Hug Strappy Halter bra in mustard does just that. It's a halter neck bra with a low back, halter style straps and three strap accents running down the center of the back. This V-neck halter bra is a great sports bra and junior bralette to wear from classroom to playground, and a favorite amongst women leading an active lifestyle. It's easy to style under low-neck outfits and a charm to wear as a crop top bra. Bra girls who love a bit of layering enjoy styling the strappy halter bra in yellow under cut-out or mesh tops to show-off the strap accents and detailing or even under a casual tee to show a pop of color at the neckline. The strappy halter bra also makes a good bralette for DDD cup sizes and fuller bust girls who shy away from bralettes in general because they need more support. The halter strappy bra in yellow guarantees support and offers compression for girls of all bust sizes even when cycling or hiking


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