Purple Bras

Purple bras are a fashion staple in many wardrobes. Discover our curated selection of purple bras, bralettes, and sports bras, meticulously crafted for teens, girls, and women. Our versatile, soft, and comfortable purple bralettes promise a perfect fit, unparalleled comfort, and support. Ideal for daily wear, sports, and special occasions, these essentials seamlessly integrate into any wardrobe. Look for your ultimate purple halter bralette, tailored for all sizes and designed to enhance every silhouette.

Purple Bras

Color can transform any look. Oranges and yellows can brighten a mood and pink can go from flamboyant to subtle. One color that does it all? Purple! BRABAR's purple bras are royal, chic, classy, and happening. Each of these purple bras feature natural fabric designs that lift and support you without the underwires. What's better than a purple bra that offers a touch of luxury to every outfit? A purple bra that is a statement piece that offers comfort with support and confidence!

BRABAR's purple bras can evoke a sense of confidence and a feeling of calmness. Purple has long been associated with royalty, luxury, and femininity. But BRABAR's purple bras do more than just look beautiful. Every purple bra from BRABAR is made from ultra-stretchable, soft fabric that stretches as you grow, making them some of the best bras for teens. This natural fabric design plays an equally significant part in supporting women of all ages, by molding itself to and enhancing your natural shape. This is why finding the perfect purple bra is all about finding your correct bra fit. Once you get your bra size and measurements, using our EZ-Fit Guide, you can find a purple bra that will wrap around and lift you just right, improving posture and helping you shine from inside-out. 

Each purple bra is multifunctional and versatile offering support for a range of different activities, your style and lifestyle. Made from soft and sustainable fabric, these bras are designed to offer targeted bust support. Each purple bra features a unique style such as an extended band for reinforced support or halter straps for additional lift when you're expecting to get active and need to minimize bounce. No matter your need, there's a purple bra for you. 

The supportive cami bra in sparkling grape reminds us of days of drinking grape juice by the beach or wine on an exotic Italian holiday. With its laid back, relaxed cut and fit, it's one of the best cami bras for teens who are just getting acquainted with what it means to be a bra girl. The cami bra is a fun look to style - slips well under tees and dresses or even a school uniform or work shirt! But, with a cami bra in a beautiful purple like that, we don't like to hide. We love doubling up our cami bra tops as crop top bras worn out with lounge pants or our favorite jeans. 

And, for the hustle and the gym, the Hug Halter Strappy bra in a portly deep maroon is all you need for motivation. This halter sports bra features moisture-wicking technology and ultra soft, stretchable fabric that holds and lifts in a soft but firm hug. It's a good bra for teens looking for their first bra to wear on the sports field. It's also a great halter low back bra for all the fashionistas looking to ramp up that wardrobe! Some love to style our halter neck bras with a low back under cutout dresses to let the strappy design pop but if you're looking for discreet coverage, these halter sports bras slip seamlessly and smoothly under high neck tops and halter neck dresses just as well. 


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