Wireless bras loved by teens and young women

Wire-free bras in Band Sizes 28-38 | AA-DDD/F Cup Sizes

At BRABAR, a bralette and sports bra had a baby, creating the dreamiest, comfiest, and most supportive wireless bras. Our size friendly fits are perfect for micro and macro boobies both and fit girls, teens and young women across cup sizes AA - DDD/F and band sizes 28-38.

No wires, only comfort

Wireless bras designed for teens and loved by petite and full-busted girls alike. Boobs have many shapes and sizes, and comfort is the foundation of confidence. We make comfortable wirefree bras for girls of all cup sizes.

"Feels like a firm but gentle hug around the girls."
"This popular bra brand offers serious support and comfort."
"Supportive and affordable, and the size range is pretty inclusive."
"We were pleasantly surprised to find how supportive a wireless strapless bra can be."

You're in good company ✨

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Don't know your size? We can help!

8 out of 10 girls are wearing the wrong bra size. We're on a mission to change that. Your bra should fit like a strapless bra, hugging your ribcage, not hanging from your shoulders. Follow our EZ fit method to discover the correct bra fit and shop the right wireless, wire-free bras for your body.

One bra purchased is one bra donated

For every bra purchased, one bra will be donated to a girl in need via I Support The Girls


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