BRABAR is getting teens into bras they love to wear, educating them on fit and empowering them with knowledge about their bodies.

We are impacting change by educating teen girls of Generation Z on how to measure and encouraging girls to shop by band size. Getting into and wearing a bra that is just the right size is fundamental. Miseducation starts in a girl’s teens and we want to break the cycle. We service the Junior Intimate Apparel customers, who need smaller band sizes and a more inclusive fit. Teenage Girls including petite & full busted teens need function, fashion, comfort, and support

Unrealistic expectations and social media are negatively impacting the psychological development of teen girls. Embarrassment about changing bodies & growing up escalates girls’ concerns about body image.

We aim to help girls (ages 13 – 23) feel comfortable and confident in their skin; while giving teens the tools to be their best selves. We promote self-love and aim to cultivate strong, confident young women. She is so much more than her body.