Bras for Teens Age 14-19

For teenage girls and young women aged 14 to 19, the focus shifts towards more structured bras that offer both support and style. This age group might explore various bra types, including wireless, padded, and sports bras, depending on their lifestyle and comfort needs. It's important to prioritize materials that blend comfort with functionality, such as breathable fabrics with stretch for a perfect fit. The fit is essential to ensure the bra supports without restricting movement. Style becomes more significant, with an array of designs, colors, and patterns to reflect personal fashion preferences. It's also a time to introduce specialty bras, like convertible or strapless options, for different outfits. Encouraging teenagers to choose bras that make them feel confident and comfortable supports their self-esteem during these formative years.

Teens age 14 - 19

Bras for Teens Aged 14-19

Your little girl is really coming into her own as both a teenager and a bra girl, as she enters the age group 14-19. She's no longer a pre-teen and is now staring at the cusp of adulthood. The best bras for teens recognize this critical age. They offer structured designs that help contour and enhance the natural shape of growing and fuller busts. Falling in love with her own natural shape and size acts as an enormous confidence-boost during her teen years and this is where BRABAR's natural, wirefree bras play a big role.  They are functional and feature soft, stretchable fabric giving your teen the right lift and support without restriction. The best bras for teens boost confidence and help with self-discovery. Which is why it's so important she has styles to choose from that reflect her needs, lifestyle and personality the best. 

If your teen is getting to wearing her first bra as she enters her teen years, a critical first step is measuring bra cup size and band size right. The same holds true for teens who've shopped for first bras as tweens. It's time to find her bra size and measurements again to accommodate any size changes and ensure the correct bra fit. BRABAR's EZ- Fit guide is an easy to follow guide that does just that. It simplifies bra size from measurements into four easy steps starting with measuring bra band size followed by measuring bra cup size. Once she has her two measurements handy, she can use the easy peasy BRABAR bra size calculator to arrive at her final bra size. 

Good bras for teens are bras that cater to various lifestyle needs and activity levels. For the young teens, we recommend the soft cami bra top and a halter bralette lace and <