Brabar Philosophy - The E-Z Fit Method

Your bra should fit like a strapless bra, hugging your ribcage not hanging from your shoulders.  A comfortable bra means a confident you. Our EZ-fit method teaches girls to find the correct band measurement: essential to a proper fit. It's super easy to measure yourself at home.


Measuring Band Size

Your ribcage measurement is your band size measurement.
To measure the ribcage, measure directly underneath the bust, swinging around the ribcage. Round the measurement to the nearest even number shown to determine the band size. 

Jot down this number. 

The band size is your ribcage measurement rounded to the nearest even whole number.
Round to nearest even number to determine your band size.
Your Rib Cage = 33 inches = 34 Inch Band Size


27, 28, 29, 30 inches28-30 AA up to DDD - Small
31, 32, 33, 34 inches32-34 AA up to DDD - Medium
35, 36, 37, 38  inches36-38 AA up to DDD - Large


Measuring Bust Size

Next, we'll look at measuring the bust.
Your bust size is the width of your chest at your bust's fullest point. (boobs).

Wrap the soft measuring tape over the fullest part of your breasts (over the nipples).

Hold the measuring tape parallel to the floor while measuring around the back, starting at the fullest part of the bust. Then, round to the nearest whole number to receive your bust size. The reading on the tape, in inches, is your bust size.

Jot down your bust size measurement. 

Your Bust Measurement is 37.8 = 38 inches.


How to Find Your Bra Cup Size


Finally, you can measure bra cup size at home using the bust measurement you just received.

Subtract your band size from your bust size, and boom = cup size.
The cup capacity is calculated in inches. A cup = 1 inch | B cup = 2 inches | C cup = 3 inches | D cup = 4 inches | DD cup = 5 inches |DDD cup = 6 inches

How do bra makers ensure your breasts have just the right amount of room - not too much and not too little? It’s measure your cup size!

Your cup size is the volume of your breasts. It's important to know how to measure your cup size for a bra to ensure your bra has the room your breasts need to sit comfortably. So, how do bra makers do this? Easy peasy!

The volume of your breasts = the width over your boobs at its fullest point (bust size) - the width of your ribcage at its smallest point (your band size).

Bust size - Band size = Cup size in inches

For example| Your band size = 34 inches and bust size = 38 inches

So, your cup size = 38 in - 34 in = 4 inches. So, your cup size = D cup

Once you're done measuring bra cup size in inches, correspond it to the cup size alphabet in the table below. In the examples we saw before, if your cup size is 4 inches that would make you a size D.

Cup size Cup size in inches


The Correct Bra Fit: Find My Bra Size

The Correct Bra Fit: Find My Bra Size
And, finally, the magic number that is your golden ticket into the world of bras - your bra size! Combine your band size number and your cup size alphabet and that's it! You're now officially a bra girl!

Bra size = Band Size Number and Cup Size Letter

Use our calculator below to find your correct bra size

Select your measurement in inches
Please enter a value greater than 26 to 54
Your bust measurement must be at least 1 inch larger than your Band Size

The Proper Fit

Does the size you received after measuring surprise you? Certain factors can cause you to change bra size, including a gain or loss in weight, a new exercise regimen, pregnancy, and a fluctuating diet. The bra band will slightly change the size you require, otherwise known as a "sister size" to compensate as an alternative. Unfortunately, these sizes are often too large in the band area and too small in cup size leading to unnecessary discomfort.

When it's time to get a fitting: signs of a bad-fit

It's important to find your bra size and measurements every 6 months or every year at the very least. Our bodies are constantly changing and getting your measurements right are crucial to ensure you're wearing the right bra size. Here are some tell-tale signs your bra needs to go!

  • Cups show visible wrinkling (a sign your cup size is too large)
  • Cups show visible gapping (a sign your band size is too large)
  • Your breasts spill out of your cups at the corners (a sign your cup size is too small)
  • Your bra band rises up your back (a sign your band is too loose)
  • Your bra band pinches your skin (a sign your band is too tight)
  • Straps pinch your skin even after adjustments (a sign your band is too loose and your straps are doing all the heavy-lifting)
  • Straps fall off even after adjustments (a sign your band size is too large)
  • Your bra hikes up whenever you lift your arms (a sign your band is too loose)

Do you find yourself with any of the above bra complications? Book yourself a professional fitting service or read more about how to measure yourself