Bras for Tweens

For tweens aged 10 to 13, selecting bras involves balancing comfort, modesty, and the right level of support as their bodies develop. Materials should still be soft and breathable, with a preference for cotton and yarn blends that offer stretch and comfort. At this age, both sports bras and light support bras become relevant, catering to varying levels of activity and development. Designs that appeal to tweens' sense of style, with a range of colors and patterns, can make the experience more enjoyable. Fit is crucial; bras should not constrict or leave marks, with adjustable straps to accommodate growth. Encourage tweens to express their preferences and comfort levels, ensuring they feel confident and supported during this transitional period.

Tweens age 10 - 13

Bras for Tweens Aged 10-13

Becoming a bra girl can be fun with the right bra and some help. Many tweens will begin to show breast buds between the ages of 10 to 13 years of age, and this is a great time to introduce tweens to comfy and supportive bras and bralettes. The best bras for tweens are ones that are breathable and stretchable, accommodating growing breast buds. These comfy bras for teens are ideally low to medium-impact sports bralettes that offer support for varying degrees of movement. The importance of wirefree bralettes cannot be stressed enough as these offer gentle support without digging or chaffing the skin. 

The most important step to first time bra shopping online for tween bras is to get her bra size and measurements right. The correct bra fit is crucial to comfort and support. A personalized bra-fitting session at the BRABAR studio can be educational for her and you, while giving her a chance to explore styling preferences. If she prefers to be measured in the comfort of home, BRABAR's easy EZ- Fit Guide is a handy measurement tool. All you need is a soft measuring tape to make this a fun exercise. Follow the steps for measuring bra cup size and band size and use the nifty BRABAR bra size calculator to find her bra size. Get her started with BRABAR with the correct bra fit, to a lifetime of well-fitting bras. 

The best bras for tweens are cotton bras and bras with soft yarn fabric that offer stretch and support. We recommend the soft cami bra top. This supportive cami bra is double-layered and features ultra-stretchable fabric for growing breasts and offers modesty and significant coverage for a girl her age. The cute crop top style silhouette makes for a comfy training bra easing her into becoming a bra girl

For sports training, ballet class or hobby days that engage her in lots of movement, the Hug sports bra with lace is an excellent support system. This lace sports bra comes in cute shades - there's a classic vanilla ice white bra, the ballet pink bra and a neutral ash gray bra. Having fun is a big part of building the confidence in your bra girl, and having her discover and choose from styles and colors is a great way to build confidence young. The lace sports bra features cue lace detailing and ultra-stretch fabric to accommodate growing breasts and gently lift and support without the underwires. Halter bras featuring a unique design with straps around the neck are another worthy bra-style to explore for tweens. Halter bras ensure no unnecessary pesky straps slipping off the shoulders. BRABAR's halter bralette lace and backless halter bra offer breathable, airy fabric and silhouettes with room to maneuver that will make your tween feel like she's wrapped in a hug. 

The soft V crop bralette and the soft V lace bralette are other designs that offer soft, stretch fabric and cute colors to pick from that we're sure your tween will love! They fit like crop top brasand offer gentle, soothing support, so she can grow up to be the supported and confident woman she deserves to be!


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