BRABAR is more than just a brand—it's a movement. - BRABAR

BRABAR is more than just a brand—it's a movement.

Wendy Herman's journey into the realm of revolutionizing bra sizing and fit began with a simple yet profound realization: witnessing her 15-year-old daughter's struggle to find a bra that truly fit. This eye-opening experience illuminated a glaring issue in the industry—8 out of 10 women wore the wrong bra size. Fueled by frustration and armed with two decades of expertise in the intimate apparel sector, Wendy embarked on a mission to transform the way women perceive and experience bra shopping.

At BRABAR, Wendy's brainchild, the mission is clear: to tackle the widespread issues of inconsistent measuring methods and lack of inclusivity head-on. By debunking outdated sizing practices and advocating for a standardized, global ribcage measurement method, BRABAR ensures a more accurate and supportive fit for women of all shapes and sizes.

The launch of the Bra Size Calculator marks a significant milestone in BRABAR's journey, representing a pivotal step towards empowering women to find their perfect fit with ease and confidence. Wendy's commitment to standardizing bra measuring methods in the US underscores the core values of the BRABAR movement—empowerment, inclusivity, and confidence-building.

But beyond just numbers and measurements, Wendy understands the deeper significance of the BRABAR movement. It's about challenging the status quo, changing the conversation around body image and self-confidence, and fostering a culture where comfort forms the foundation of confidence. BRABAR isn't just a brand; it's a beacon of empowerment, striving to create a future where every girl feels supported, empowered, and secure in her intimate apparel.

Wendy (Gross) Herman, the visionary founder of BRABAR, is a seasoned executive in the fashion industry, specializing in intimate apparel. With a career spanning iconic brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lucky Brand, Wendy brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her mission of empowering young women through comfort and confidence.

Driven by her own frustrating experiences while shopping for bras with her then 15-year-old daughter, Wendy recognized the need for a paradigm shift in how teen girls shop for bras. Thus, BRABAR was born—a brand committed to reimagining the bra shopping experience and educating young women about the importance of fit.

At the heart of BRABAR's ethos is the belief that comfort is the foundation of confidence. Wendy is dedicated to busting the underwire myth and challenging outdated notions of body image, advocating for a shift towards self-love and empowerment. Through BRABAR, Wendy aims to cultivate strong, confident young women who understand that they are more than just their bodies—they are somebody.

With a deep understanding of the intimate apparel industry and a passion for making a difference, Wendy is on a mission to impact change for the next generation. Her journey with BRABAR is fueled by a commitment to providing young women with the tools and knowledge they need to feel confident and empowered in their own skin.

For Wendy, BRABAR is more than just a brand—it's a movement. Through her leadership and vision, she is shaping the future of intimate apparel, one empowering bra at a time. Join Wendy and BRABAR in their mission to empower young women and redefine the way they shop for bras.

Wendy's vision for BRABAR transcends the realm of commerce—it's about effecting transformative change and making a positive impact on the lives of young women everywhere. By championing standardized sizing, promoting body positivity, and encouraging self-assurance, Wendy and BRABAR are reshaping the intimates industry, one perfectly fitted bra at a time. Join Wendy and the BRABAR movement in embracing a future where every girl feels comfortable, supported, and empowered.

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