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Tales From the BRABAR Studio: Getting Your First Bra Can Be An Overwhelming Experience

Tales From the BRABAR Studio: Getting Your First Bra Can Be An Overwhelming Experience

Oftentimes finding your first bra can be a daunting task when you have no clue where to start, or what would be good for your specific needs.  

BRABAR strives to give tweens and teens the tools they need to find the bra for them, starting with finding the right bra size, and finding the right bra for a fun and memorable experience.

At the BRABAR Studio, I have measured many tweens and teens and guided them to what would work best for them as their first bra. In this case, the young girl was no more than eleven years old and had been very nervous to walk into a bra store with her mother. The overwhelming feeling of stepping into a world she had no knowledge of, and the knowledge that her body was changing can make it a very awkward time.

Usually, when a mother/guardian and daughter come in together, and the daughter is very nervous about the experience, I offer to size the mother/guardian first to show the tween or teen how to measure. Measuring takes no more than a minute. It is quick and easy.

First, I measured the mother. She measured 36 inches around the underbust. Thus, her Band Size was 36. The mother’s overbust measurement was 40. Subtracting the Band 36 from the Overbust of 40 is 4 inches. Each inch is a cup size. Four (4) inches equals a D-Cup. The mother was a 36D.  Her BRABAR Size is 36-38.

Once the mother was measured easily, the daughter agreed to be measured. The young girl measured a 27-inch underbust, making her have a 28-band size. Her overbust was 31 inches. Subtracting her Band 28 from the Overbust 31 was a difference of three (3) inches. Three inches was a C-cup. Her bra size was 28C.  Her BRABAR Size is 28-30.

It is important to note that this can be a "big" size to a young girl and the parent/guardian listening to the size after I measure.  

The tendency for most people looking for bras is to focus on the Cup Size rather than the Band Size. Both are needed to have the right bra.

Everyone’s cup size looks different. A 28C will look very different from a 38C. Though it is the same cup size as the difference between the overbust and band equal a constant 3 inches being a C-Cup, it is not the same C-Cup. A 28C, like the young girl, has an Overbust of 31 and a Band of 28. In this example, a 38C has an Overbust of 41 and a Band of 38. It is very different proportions from there.  

The constant is always the difference between the Overbust and the Band, i.e. 1 inch = A-Cup, 2 inches = B-Cup, 3 inches = C-Cup, 4 inches = D-cup, 5 inches = DD/E-Cup, 6 inches = DDD/F-Cup, etc.

The habit of focusing on the Cup Size is hard to unlearn after years and years, but it is an important lesson to impart to the younger generation of young women so they know how they can find the comfort and fit they need.

After the mother and daughter were measured, not only did the daughter try on bras but so did the mother.

Bra Suggestions for a Girl Just Starting:

  • The Soft Cami is a fan-favorite, comfortable, versatile, and supportive bra top. The Soft Cami Bra is a seamless, unlined double-layer, wire-free bra top.
  • The Soft Crop/Convertible Multiway Bra is ultra-versatile and comfortable; our soft multiway convertible bra offers endless styling options. Wear it as a backless halter bra, create a criss-cross style, or use the fully adjustable cami straps to achieve your perfect fit.
  • The Cotton Stretch Racerback is a seamless, supportive racerback bra designed for comfort and medium-impact activities.
  • The Everyday Bra is a versatile, all-day supportive bra with a back closure featuring a smooth design and removable cups for comfort and style.

In the end, the daughter loved the Soft Crop/Convertible Multiway Bra in 28-30 and the mother loved the Soft Day Bra in 36-38. Both mother and daughter left satisfied with their new well-fitting bras, and their new knowledge about how to find the correct bra size.

Here’s the cheat sheet on how to find the correct band and cup size:

  • Measure Underbust: Wrap a soft measuring tape around your body, right below your breasts. The number you read on the tape is your band size. Round to the nearest even whole number.  
  • Measure Overbust: Wrap a soft measuring tape around your body, over the fullest part of your breasts. The number you read on the tape is your bust size; round to the nearest whole number.  
  • Calculate Cup Size: Subtract your band size from your bust size. This number is your cup size or the volume of your breast tissue. Your cup size in inches is represented by an alphabet (sizes AAA to DDD/F). 1 inch = A cup, 2 inches = B cup, 3 inches = C cup, etc.
  • Your bra size is your band size + your cup size alphabet. BUST - BAND = Cup Size in inches
  • This is converted to bra size as Band Size and Cup Size 

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