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Finding the Best Strapless Bra For You: A Body Type Guide to Flaunting It All

There's one bra that's timeless, classy, functional and sophisticated all at once. No prizes for guessing this one- it's the strapless top bra. The strapless bra's origins can be traced back to shapewear from the 1600s, also known as the sexy corset. Strapless corset bras helped women achieve the hourglass figure they desired. This is probably why corsets are as intimidating as they are alluring. With the corset associated with an "ideal" for so long, it's natural for women to feel anxious before stepping into one. Which is where the strapless bra top comes in. 

The strapless bra top isn't about achieving an ideal. The best strapless bras help you feel comfortable in your body and highlight what's best about you. Today's corsets don't try to get you to fit into an ideal body type because there is no ideal body type. Strapless strapless bras  are still just as sophisticated and sexy as they were before. The only thing that's changed is they're good bras for people of all body types, accentuating your curves and helping you fall in love with your silhouette and giving them a passport in their closets. What's not to love? 

But, before we begin- there are always the basics to cover first. If you're a BRABAR bra girl, you know the drill! The difference between a bad fitting bra and the correct bra fit is all in getting the bra size and measurements right along with your body type. So follow along into the magical world of strapless bras as we navigate how to find bra sizes, understand body types and turn your strapless bra into a wow bra!

Getting Started: Find my Bra Size

Bra size measurements are not rocket science although they can seem like that to a beginner's eye. All you need is to follow four easy steps and you're ready to start shopping!

Measuring Bust Size for a Bra

Take an inch-tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your breast and over the nipples. The inch tape should hug your breasts ever so lightly- not too tight, not too loose. You can do this without a bra on or while wearing a loose cami top. 

The measure you get is your bust size. 

Measuring Band Size for a Bra

Now take the same tape measure and wrap in around your ribcage, right under your breasts. This is when the band of your bra, responsible for giving your breasts all the support they need, will sit. Make sure the tape sits snugly but not overly tight. 

The measure you get is your band size. 

Measuring Bra Cup Size

To get your cup size, subtract your band size from your bust size and ta-da! You have your bra cup size. Your cup capacity corresponds to an alphabet. For example,

  • A cup = 1 inch
  • B cup = 2 inches
  • C cup = 3 inches
  • D cup = 4 inches 
  • DD cup = 5 inches
  • DDD = 6 inches

Finding your Bra Size from Measurements

Your bra size is your band size and cup size alphabet combined. So, for instance, if your band size is 36 inches and your cup size is an A, then your bra size is 36A. 

Need a step-by-step guide visual reference on how to measure bra cup size at home? Worry not! BRABAR's E-Z Fit Method is here to the rescue!

Now that you have your bra size handy, we can jump right into body types and the strapless bra that'll work best for you!

Understanding Your Body Type to Find the Best Strapless Bra for You

Your body type is your unique physique ! It's what makes your body stand out from the silhouette to slant and curve. Here are the most common body types to exist:

The Hourglass

Women and girls with a well-defined waist and similar measurements on the hip and bust have an hourglass body type. Your asset is your petite waist and you'll look great in pretty much anything that shows it off! Here's where the  long line strapless bra steps in bringing all that attention to that coveted waist. You can wear it  and just throw on a shrug or a shirt for a relaxed fit or wear it over a shirt to highlight that cinched waist. 

The Pear

Pears are women with the daintiest shoulders and fuller measurements on the hip. A backless halter bra shines on you drawing all that attention to your shoulders. It makes for such a pretty silhouette when you can accessorize and have all the drama happening around your face and shoulders. A strapless corset would also look great on you, especially one that brings attention to your upper body and gently shapes the hips. Here's where our strapless bra tops the game with a sweetheart neckline with just the right touch of softness. 

The Apple

Apples are women with a fuller measurement around the waist and midsection of the body with a more petite bust. The Hug Strappy Halter Bra looks bomb on you, creating the illusion of an elongated torso. When choosing the right corset bra top, choose one that adds definition to the waist and highlights the breasts. Our strapless bra does just that with a sporty band that adds geometry and definition to the waistline. 

The Rectangle

Rectangles are women with a straight silhouette and minimal curves. Your superpower is that your body is a canvas that can pull off any look. Add geometric or sharper lines to your look or create curves - it's all good! An athletic fit would look great on you achieved with a cami bra top or a medium-impact sports bra with lace for definition and softness. But, you can dial up the oomph too with a strapless corset bra that adds curves to your frame. 

The Inverted Triangle

If your measurements are broader at the bust and leaner at the waist and on the hips, you're likely an inverted triangle. Inverted Triangles were made for corset bras as they bring all that drama at the bust and waist. Our strapless bra accentuates your neckline with its soft and curvaceous neckline while highlighting the cinched waist. Inverted Triangles do great with strapless bras that add volume to the waist while supporting the girlies. 

No matter your body type, BRABAR bras were made to embrace the best in you - and can we just say there's so much to celebrate? Whether you're fuller at the waist, bust, hips, or leaner on one or more, bras are meant to help you highlight the best parts and keep you comfy and supported. The best bras a girl can ask for never hide or obscure; they only gently shape and support. Join us at BRABAR and get fitted into the best version of you!.
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