BRABAR Bras for Teen Girls | Supportive Comfortable Wire-free Bralettes

BRABAR Bras for Teen Girls | Supportive Comfortable Wire-free Bralettes

When it comes to bras for teenagers, comfort and support are key. Many young girls prefer wire-free options like t-shirt bras, halter bras, and bralettes. These styles can be worn unlined or with bra pads for added coverage. Sports bras are also popular among teen girls, providing the necessary support for physical activities. Whether it's a training bra or a more mature option, there are plenty of choices available for teenage girls to find the perfect fit and style. How to measure bra size is something a girl should know. 

When you need bras for teens, the best kind is those that will adjust with continued bust growth. BRABAR's junior bra selection is comfortable, supportive, wire-free, and contouring to the teen's body, whether petite or full-busted. These include our starter bras with soft, smooth cups, removable padding, and fully adjustable straps.

The Soft Cami Bra Top is as comfortable as it is versatile. It's a seamless sports bra and cami hybrid made of ultra-soft, sustainable, stretch material. The Cami features a long-length U-neckline, is double-layered without pads, and is perfect for everyday low to moderate-impact activities.

Our HUG Laceback Bralette possesses a smooth surplice with a full lace back to create a cute yet functional design. With the HUG Laceback Bralette, there's no need to double up, as the stretchy and soft microfiber offers a smooth and comfortable cup. This bralette is unlined and seamless and offers full coverage for girls, from petite to full busts. 

These are ideal bras for teens and tweens who are into dance, sports, and/or an active lifestyle. The HUG Laceback Bralette can be worn as a sports bra to handle low-to-mid impact activity. Though we offer multiple sizes and fits, it will adjust with the wearer as she grows.

Loved by petite and busty girls alike are our HUG halter bras. Each of our halter bras are designed with a teen girl in mind, possessing a supportive, wire-free, junior fit.

Our online store gives you an abundance of choices regarding halter bras. These choices include size, shape, and design to deliver the best comfort and functionality combination a wireless halter bra can provide.

Our HUG Strappy Halter Bra is a comfortable halter with a low-open back and five straps running down the center. It's a modern take on an old design, perfect for teens in low to medium-impact activities. This halter bralette can be slipped on overhead and rests against the back of the neck. It's comfortable but flexible, thanks to the stretchy microfiber, providing support while remaining lightweight.

Bundles are always a good deal, especially when you get three halter bras in a single package. Our HUG Lace Halter Bralettes bundle comes with three comfortable lace neck halters in black, ivory, and gray. Teens belove the cute three-strap back design and goes on over the head and behind the neck. It's excellent when used as active wear during low to medium-impact activities and just about any other daily routine.

Like the HUG lace halter bralette, our halter bras for teenagers offer full coverage for petite girls with full busts. The wire-free halter will be so comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing one at all!


How to Measure for Bra Size at Home

How to Measure Bust Size

How to Measure for Bra Size at Home


BRABAR Philosophy

A bra should fit like a strapless bra, hugging your ribcage, not hanging from your shoulders. We provide an EZ-fit method on how to measure bra size at home. Our approach will teach girls how to find the correct band measurement that is essential to a proper fit.


At-Home EZ-Fit Measurements

You can begin by measuring the ribcage.

Measure directly underneath the bust, swinging around the ribcage. Round the measurement to the nearest even number shown to determine the band size. The band size is your ribcage measurement.

Next, we'll look at measuring the bust.

Hold the measuring tape parallel to the floor while measuring around the back, starting at the fullest part of the bust. Then, round to the nearest whole number to receive your bust size.

Finally, you can measure bra cup size at home using the bust measurement you just received.

Subtract your band size from your bust size, and boom = cup size

The cup capacity is shown in inches. 

A cup = 1 inch

B cup = 2 inches

C cup = 3 inches

D cup = 4 inches 

DD cup = 5 inches

DDD = 6 inches

Here is a list of bra size measurements and bra size examples for visual reference:

BAND 28 BUST 32 = 28 D   

BAND 30 BUST 35 = 30DD

BAND 32 BUST 36 = 32D

BAND 34 BUST 35 = 34A

BAND 36 BUST 39 = 36C

BAND 38 BUST 42 = 38D

BAND 28 BUST 34 = 28DDD

BAND 30 BUST 36 = 30DDD

BAND 30 BUST 32 = 30B

Hopefully, you now understand how to measure your bra size at home with our EZ-fit method confidently! 

The Proper Fit

Does the size you received after measuring surprise you? Certain factors can cause you to change bra size, including a gain or loss in weight, a new exercise regimen, pregnancy, and a fluctuating diet. If you ever need to go down a cup size for a proper fit, you should go up one band size.

The bra brand could also slightly change the size you require. When this happens, a brand often provides a "sister size" to compensate as an alternative. Unfortunately, these sizes are often too large in the band area and too small in cup size leading to unnecessary discomfort. However, through a bit of trial and error, you should be able to discover the size that works best for you. Contact us today with any questions you may have!


Telltale Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

You can easily deduce that you're wearing an incorrect bra size through these telltale signs:

  • Cups have visible wrinkling
  • Underwire (for wired bras) is poking your breasts
  • The band rides up
  • Your bust is spilling out of the cup
  • Straps are always slipping
  • Your bra hikes up whenever you lift your arms

Do you find yourself with any of the above bra complications? If so, you can visit a bra fitter or learn how to measure bra size at home.

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