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Boob-Ing Issues: Understanding Training Bra Size Charts

Shopping for your first bra should be a fun and memorable experience but unfortunately, many teens get overwhelmed, which is only natural when you're sifting through tons of information out there. That's where BRABAR steps in - to simplify bra size charts and make them as easy to follow as possible. 

Asking the Question: Do I Need A Bra?

So, when do you need a bra, and how on earth do you tell? Well, most girls should probably get a bra the minute your buds start to show, which is when you're going through puberty. It's important to remember that situations vary from girl to girl. Some girls may get their period and not show buds until a few months later. Others may bud months before they get their periods. Your body grows at its own pace. Overall, when you want to become a bra girl is totally up to you…and your boobs. So when are your boobs asking for a bra, you ask?

  • If you notice soreness in your chest region and you've just started to bud, now is an excellent time to get a training bra. 
  • If you've started to bud and play a lot of sports or have an active lifestyle, getting a training bra is a good idea. 

What Do Good Bras for Teens Look Like?

Good bras for teens are bras that are good for you. These are bras that help you understand your body and fall in love with it better. It all comes down to your bra size and measurements, lifestyle, personality, and style - which is what makes bra shopping online or in-store so much fun! It's a journey of self-discovery. But overall, the best bras for teens all have a few things in common:

  • They are lightweight, 
  • Good bras for teens = comfy bras for teens. If they ain't comfy, they ain't for you. Comfortable bras fit just right and it's important to get your sizing right.
  • Every girl's body goes through changes at different rates and in different ways. Some girls will have boobs that develop rapidly, and others will have small boobs. It's all beautiful! A good bra for teens is a training bra that serves a wide range of bra sizes and measurements. Ideally, look for bras that run from cup sizes AAA (the smallest) up to DDD/F cups (the largest). This is a good indicator that you'll find a bra that fits true to your size. Band sizes generally range from 28 to 38 as well. 
  • The best bras for teens also come in value starter packs so that you can try them out at affordable rates. Trial and error is very common when you're starting out, so bra bundles are deal-breakers when getting started. 

Measuring for Correct Bra Fit 

Before you buy your first training bra, you'll want to make sure you have your bra size and measurements right. At BRABAR, we recommend getting a professional fitting but if you'd rather measure yourself in the comfort of home, we have a handy step-by-step guide on how to measure breasts. A quick run-through of how to measure your bra size is below:

  1. Measure Underbust: Wrap a soft measuring tape around your body, right below your breasts. The number you read on the tape is your band size.  Round to the nearest even whole number.  
  1. Measure Overbust: Wrap a soft measuring tape around your body, over the fullest part of your breasts. The number you read on the tape is your bust size; round to the nearest whole number.  
  1. Calculate Cup Size: Subtract your band size from your bust size. This number is your cup size or the volume of your breast tissue. Your cup size in inches is represented by an alphabet (sizes AAA to DDD/F). 1 inch = A cup, 2 inches = B cup, etc.
  1. Your bra size is your band size + your cup size alphabet. BUST - BAND = Cup Size in inches | This is converted to bra size as Band Size and Cup Size 

Understanding Cup Bust Sizes

Your cup size is the volume or contour of your breast tissue. The smallest cup size is AAA and the biggest cup size is DDD/F. As you go through puberty, you'll likely “size up” into larger cup sizes - or maybe not.  To find your bra size, you'll need your cup size and band size. The band size is the measurement of your rib cage just below your breasts. This is where your bra's band sits, and your bra band does most of the heavy lifting to keep your boobs supported. 

Your cup size is calculated by subtracting your band size from your bust size (which is the reading you see on a measuring tape when you wrap it around the fullest part of your breasts). 

Measuring Bra Cup Sizes

  • AAA and AA Cup: AAA and AA girls have very little breast tissue, typically under an inch. When you're just budding, you'll likely fall into this category, but many adult women also have AAA and AA cup sizes. You're a rare gem that needs a good bra brand because several bra brands tend to overlook AAA girls. 
  • A Cup: A cup bras are extremely common among early bloomers, and many girls will quickly move from AA to an A cup size.  
  • B Cup: If you're a teen, B cup bras are a moderately common size - some teens will take longer to get to size B, while others may get there quicker. 
  • C Cup: Many girls skip wearing a training bra through the AA and A stages of budding and start at the C cup stage. 
  • D Cups: D cup bras are great for girls who develop rapidly at a young age. Training bras in a D cup size indicate you have ample breast tissue. 
  • DD/E Cups: DD or E cups are an uncommon but existing size at this life stage. When you have substantial breast tissue but a small frame, you'll likely need this cup size. 
  • DDD/F Cups: DDD - also known as F cups - are the largest cup sizes in the bra world. It's extremely unlikely you'll need this size when you're in a training bra phase. 

Band Sizes: Numbers Explained 

Band sizes decode what bras best fit your frame. Bra band sizes range from 28-38. 

28-30 Bands: A 28- 30 inch band size means you measure between 28-30 inches when a measuring tape is wrapped around your underbust or just below your breasts. These band sizes work for petite or teen girls. 

32 Band: A 32-inch band size means you measure 32 inches at your underbust. This size is also common for training bras and small starter sizes. 

34 Band: The 34-inch underbust size is also fairly average amongst tweens and teens. It means you measure 34 inches under the bust. 

36 Band: A 36-inch band size is also very common amongst tweens and teens and  available at the larger end of the band sizes for training bras. 

38 Band: Our Curvy teens in the house! You rock the 38-inch band size, which means you read 38 in at the under bust measurement. 

When shopping for a training bra, look for band sizes that run from small to full-figure friendly for tweens and teens and cup sizes that span sizes AAA to DDD/F. Once you've found your size, a good bra helps you fall in love with your body and develop self-confidence. 

Different Training Bra Styles 

Bra shopping online or in-store? Now's the fun part! Finding your style game! Training bras come in different styles. A professional fitter can help you choose the best style for your body type and bra size. But you could also learn through trial and error. Remember, there are no rights or wrongs as long as the bra fits right. 

Sports Bras

Sports bras have added compression to reduce bounce when you're moving around and are great for girls who play sports or have a very active lifestyle. They're also great workout buddies and work well on their own as a top with leggings. 


Bralettes are cozy homebodies. They come with trendy lace detailing and are uber-feminine. They're especially great for girls with smaller cup sizes, but that doesn't mean they won't work for macro boobies too. They provide light coverage and are excellent for lounging in or wearing on a stroll. 

Cami Bras

Cami bras and cami bra tops provide more support, lift, and coverage than your regular camisole. The special fabric on a cami bra and the band and straps ensure your breasts are lifted and supported. 

Halter Lace Bras and Lace Sports Bras

Halter bras come in an excellent design featuring straps that wrap around your neck. This helps give you added support when you're playing or running errands. Some halter bras come with pretty lace detailing that is fun to style under tops and dresses!

Remember, finding the best bra for you is all about getting your size right and feeling comfortable, cute, and confident - no matter your size! Think of your training bra as a portal from girlhood to womanhood, and enjoy the journey of embracing your first bra!

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