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First Time Bra Shopping Made Easy

It's a confusing time, that moment you realize you need a bra. You’re in school and there are so many things that are already changing. You’ve begun to experience the world differently, maybe you’re driving your first car, maybe you’ve found a way to express yourself that’s distinct to who you are. Your body, too, is changing and growing in beautiful new ways. Your breasts are growing and bra shopping has now come calling! 

The right bra can help you embrace who you are and appreciate everything about you. That's why we decided to build BRABAR and this community. We're here to talk about all things boobs including wrapping up snugly in your first bra. The right bra is comforting. It's all about the excitement of choosing the style you most like and that works for you. Or, owning many different styles for support and function. Bra shopping (and wearing) can be quite fun when you find a good bra.  So, how do you know it's time for a bra?

When It's Time for a Bra

There's no hard and fast rule on when to wear a bra. It's got everything to do with comfort. Some people like to wear a bra even if they don't need the extra support, simply to get used to. Others may need to get into a bra sooner because their breast tissue is budding quicker. Whatever the scenario, here's an easy checklist when making the decision. 

✅ Breast Buds Are Here

If you notice breast buds, it's possibly bra- time! Now is a good time to measure yourself and check if you fall into any of the BRABAR cup sizes

✅ When You Need Extra Support During Physical Activities
If you find that your chest starts to hurt when running or playing sports, it's a good sign your boobs need that extra support. Now's the time to get shopping!

✅ When It Gets Uncomfortable

It's common to experience some growing pangs when your boobs are still developing. You might feel sensitive in the area or feel like they pop through your clothing. These are good signs you need a bra for extra support. 

Which brings us to the second thing: how do you find the right bra for you? The good news is you've already found it, at BRABAR.

How to Shop For Your First Bra

When it comes to a good first bra for teens and tweens, size is everything. BRABAR's E-Z fit method helps you find the right match and is based on the idea that a good bra should fit like a strapless bra, not one held up by straps. 

BRABAR makes bras that hug you back for girls with every type of body. All you need to do is find your bra size as we've decoded here and then find what size fits you - Small, Medium, or Large. 




28-30 - A-DDD / SMALL

27 - 30

28 - 35

28 - 30

32-34 - A-DDD / MEDIUM

31 - 34

32 - 39

32 - 34

36-38 - A-DDD / LARGE

35 - 38

35 - 43

36 - 38


All measurements in inches.

What Teens, Tweens, And Their Moms Should Look For in a Good Bra

A good bra should hug you back, not stab you in the back. Here are some green flags to look for in a good bra.  

🏳️ A good wireless bra talks of having good band support like BRABAR bras. 

🏳️ A good bra makes sizing extremely clear and simple like the E-Z fit method at BRABAR. 

🏳️ A good bra brand offers styles that help growing boobs like the BRABAR's soft cami bra top, longline cami bra and crop bralettes. These styles are helpful when your growing buds are different sizes, as is totally normal. 

🏳️ Fabric is everything in a good bra. Every BRABAR bra uses fabric that meets function and fashion. For girls looking for something to lounge in, there's our breathable cotton stretch collection, and the moisture-wicking microfiber and stretchy elastane bras for days with extra activity

🏳️A good bra should make you feel good. BRABAR's style range lets you choose your look from gorgeous lace halter necks to girlboss camis and more.

With a cheat code like that and our cozy bras in store, there's nothing stopping you from finding the perfect fit. BRABAR lets you do it all from the comfort of your home. If you have questions about sizing, check out our step by step home measuring guide, or feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to help! If you're in NJ, consider making an in person appointment with us for a personalized fitting session at our studio. 

Ready to shop? It's time to band together with the girls and get shopping!



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