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Tales From the BRABAR Studio: Best Preteen Bralettes with D-DDD/F Cups

Nothing is better than finding a bra that fits comfortably on your band and bust.  The struggle is real.  BRABAR is all about helping people find what works best for them by educating women, teenagers, and preteens about finding the proper size and fit.

Comfortable and multi-use teen bralettes and preteen bralettes are always great options to have in any wardrobe.  Finding the best teen bralettes or best teen sports bralettes can be difficult, especially for teenagers and girls with D-cup, DD-cup/E-cup, and DDD-cup/F-cup (a full bust) and a petite band size.

In the BRABAR Studio, many teenagers and preteens with different sizes and bralette and bra needs came into the doors. From teen bralettes, cotton bralettes, halter bralettes, cami-bras, bras for tube tops, crop tops and bralettes, and strapless bras, the selection is here.

Here is an example for preteens with D-DDD/F-cups and petite band sizes from the BRABAR Studio:

I had a preteen come in for her first bra fitting.  Her mother wanted her to have an everyday option and a sports bralette.  The preteen measured a 30-inch rib cage measurement. Therefore, she had a 30-bra band size.  Her overbust measurement was a 36-inch bust size.  How to find the correct band and how to measure bust sizes is as follows:  you subtract your bra band size from your bust size.  The difference between her two measurements was a 6-inch difference.  Each inch is a cup size, so 1 inch is an A-cup, 2-inch is a B-cup, 3-inch is a C-cup, 4-inch is a D-Cup, 5-inch is a DD-cup/E-cup, and 6-inch is a DDD-cup/F-cup.  Since a 6-inch difference is a DDD-cup/F-cup, the young adult was a 30DDD/F bra size.  

These are the suggestions I gave the preteen for their D-DDD/F cups with a petite band (in no particular order):

  • The classic Everyday Bra is a versatile, all-day supportive bra with a back closure featuring a smooth design and removable cups for comfort and style. This bra comes in three everyday colors: Black, Mushroom, and Natural Gray. Natural Gray and Mushroom are good neutrals to use under white and light-colored tops. Black is a great all-around bra. The everyday bra has adjustable straps.
  • The best-selling Soft Day Bra with back closure combines the everyday ease of a bralette with a surprisingly supportive bra. The Soft Day Bra comes in three everyday colors: Black, White, and Ballet Pink. The Black Soft Day Bra is a great all-around, everyday bra. The Ballet Pink is a fun, yet neutral color to go under those white shirts and it won’t show. After all, white under white shows. The White Bra is good for when you need specifically a white bra.  It can also be used under dark shirts.
  • The super comfortable Soft V Crop Bralette is super soft and great for everyday bralette.  It is easy to pull over the head or easy to step into for your convenience.  The Soft V Crop also has thicker straps for additional comfort.  It can double as a sports bra or a classy bra top to with your favorite jacket.  Made with a special blend of materials, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while retaining the stretchiness and shape.
  • The Soft V Laceback Bralette is a reversible and comfortable bralette that adds a pretty touch to your daily wardrobe V-neck lace back bra top. The Soft V Lace Bralette is perfect for everyday lace with a supersoft touch, providing both support and style. The beautiful lace is nice enough even to show with open-back or backless tops.  It now comes in nine great colors:  Black, Ash, Asphalt, Chive, Faded Denim, Pale Mauve, Victoria Blue, Fuschia Rose, and Chocolate Brown!
  • The Soft Cami is a fan-favorite, comfortable, versatile, and supportive bra top. The Soft Cami Bra is a seamless, unlined double-layer wire-free bra top. Cami bras are a great starter teen bralette. It is super soft and comes in great colors as an option as a bralette for teens. The soft cami bra has adjustable straps.  The Soft Cami now comes in more color options.  In addition to classic black and classic white, the Soft Cami comes in Mushroom, Della Robbia Blue, Fuschia Rose, and Orchid Pink.
  • The X Sports Bra is performance-oriented, blending style and support for medium-impact activities with a racerback style, perfect for everyday comfort.  It comes in sizes Small (28-30 Band), Medium (32-34 Band), Large (36-38 Band), and X-Large (40) and two colors black/white and navy/pink.
  • The Cotton Stretch U-Back Bralette is an elegant U-back design offering a modern silhouette with medium-impact support for daily activities and the gym. This cotton bralette is super breathable and comfortable.
  • The Cotton Stretch Racerback is a seamless, supportive racerback bra designed for comfort and medium-impact activities as a medium-impact sports bra.  This cotton bralette is super breathable and comfortable.
  • The Strappy Halter Bralette is a strappy halter bra that blends a seamless design with all-day comfort. The Strappy Halter Bralette can double as a medium-impact sports teen bralette. It can also be used as a halter bra top, with a leather or jean jacket over top, or on its own.  This multipurpose option is a great addition to a wardrobe.
  • The Lace Halter Bralette is a beautiful lace halter bralette that combines feminine details with everyday comfort and support. The Lace Halter Bralette is ideal for a teen girl's daily activities or as a medium-impact sports bra. It can also be used as a halter bra top, with a leather or jean jacket over top, or on its own.  This multipurpose option is a great addition to a wardrobe.
  • The Open-Back Backless Halter Bralette is a great option for backless and open-back outfits. It provides style and support.  It can also be used as a halter bra top, with a leather or jean jacket over top, or on its own.  This multipurpose option is a great addition to a wardrobe.
  • The BRABAR Soft Strapless Bra is ultra-versatile and comfortable. Our Soft Strapless Bra top offers endless styling options. This strapless bra top is ideal for off-shoulder, one-shoulder, and halter styles, providing both support and style. The strapless bra is a bra for tube tops as well. It’s a practical choice for everyday use in spring or summer but for all year.  The strapless bra comes in two colors:  Black and Mushroom, both great basic colors for under any outfit.
  • The Soft Crop Multiway Convertible Bra Top is ultra-versatile and comfortable, our soft multiway convertible bra offers endless styling options. Wear it as a backless halter bra, create a criss-cross style, or use the fully adjustable cami straps to achieve your perfect fit. It's the ideal bra or top for any outfit. The Soft Crop Multiway Convertible Bra Top is a great multipurpose bralette for teens option where you can change the straps to become a thin halter bralette, a criss-cross back teen bralette, or a one-shoulder bralette. With some adjustment, it would also make for a casual strapless bra.

The preteen who measured 30ddd chose the Soft V Laceback Bralette, Hug Strappy Halter, Everyday Bra, and Soft Crop Multiway Convertible Bralette.  Since this was her first bra fitting, she picked multiple options.  An Everyday Bra for her everyday use was a great option.  The Soft V Laceback Bralette is a great comfortable option for every day and adds a bit of flare to the wardrobe.  The HUG Strappy Halter and Soft Crop are great multi-use options as sport bralettes.  Soft Crop also has convertible straps to make criss-cross and halter an option.  She picked out a great first batch of bras!

So the conclusion from the preteen’s choices is if you need bras for D-DDD/F cup sizes, you know where to look!  When in doubt, go for the Soft Collection!

How to find the correct bra size at home.

Here's a comprehensive guide to measuring your bra size and understanding cup sizes:

  • To determine your bra size accurately, it's essential to follow these steps:

    1. Measure Underbust: Use a soft measuring tape to wrap around your body, positioning it just below your breasts. This measurement corresponds to your band size. Round to the nearest whole number for accuracy.

    2. Measure Overbust: Wrap the measuring tape around your body over the fullest part of your breasts. This measurement indicates your bust size. Round to the nearest whole number for precision.

    3. Calculate Cup Size: Subtract your band size from your bust size. This difference determines your cup size or the volume of your breast tissue. Cup sizes range from AAA to DDD/F, with each inch of difference representing a higher cup size. For instance, 1 inch difference corresponds to an A cup, 2 inches to a B cup, and so forth.

    By following these steps and referring to a sizing bra chart or bra measurements chart, you can accurately determine your bra size and understand the relationship between band size and cup size. This knowledge ensures a comfortable and supportive fit, enhancing your overall comfort and confidence.

    For further assistance and to explore different bra sizes and styles, refer to a sizing chart for bras or consult a cup size guide. Whether you're looking for brassieres sizes, strapless bras, or need guidance on how to measure bra size and cup size, utilizing these resources will help you find the perfect fit for your unique body shape and preferences.

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