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Wired Vs. Wireless Bras: Learn More

Anyone who has ever needed to buy a bra knows finding the right one is a hassle. The bra-buying experience can be stressful, especially in stores, where asking questions or trying on different sizes may feel awkward and uncomfortable. Choosing such an intimate piece of clothing in front of others, especially men, can be embarrassing. 

Getting a bra should be a confidence-boosting endeavor. However, if you have ever gone to your local mall's bra store, you may have gotten a bra fitting done, which can ruin the excitement of finding clothing that is supposed to make you feel confident and sexy. 

There's also no guarantee you will be sized right because, in the end, the people working there aren't experts and probably went through just a few minutes of training. If this sounds like your experience, have you considered shopping in a place that knows all about bras and how to help you find the ideal size for your bust type? BRABAR makes finding the perfect bra for you simple so you can look and feel like your most confident self! Dedicated to creating quality products, BRABAR has created comfortable and supportive bras. 

Anyone that's worn a bra, specifically an underwire bra, knows the pain these can cause. The relief felt after ripping your bra off as soon as you get home is a universal feeling. But what if you could be comfortable, confident, and not even realize you were wearing a bra? 

The bras at BRABAR do just that with no painful prodding wires. Instead, these bras are designed to give you all the support you need with carefully designed bras made of smooth materials for the ultimate comfort. Even if you have a bigger chest, you can find the size you need.

Keep reading to find out why you should say no to underwire bras and invest in BraBar's supportive bras without underwire!

Wired vs. Wireless

The debate on what type of bra is better has produced a lot of pros and cons lists and even some far-fetched claims like underwire bras causing cancer! While science has proven that the latter is a myth, wired bras have seen staunch competition from the wireless bras on the market.

Bras without wires have risen in popularity in recent years, and for a good reason. Wireless or "soft" bras are better in every category of a good bra–proper fit, sufficient support, and extreme comfort. The claim that wireless bras can't provide the same or even basic support that a wired bra can, especially for larger busts, hasn't withstood the test of time. 

Advancements in design technology have made wireless bras just as if not more supportive than wired bras. Clever designs and uses of fabric allow wireless bras to provide excellent support for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Support is one of the main qualities one looks for in a bra, but all the support in the world won't make an ill-fitting bra a good bra. 

Underwire bras rely on stiff strips of wire sewn into the lining of the bottom of the bra cup to provide support. These bras have advanced the high and oversexualized standards of perky breasts with plunging cleavage. Founded with the purpose of empowering those that wear their bras, BRABAR formulated a design that enhances the body's beautiful natural shape.

BRABAR Wireless Bras

BraBar has perfected comfortable and supportive bras without underwire. You no longer need a rigid strip of metal to support your breasts adequately. When the proper care and clever designs go into making a wireless bra, there's no need for a wire to be sewn into the lining of the cup. 

At BRABAR, the use of high-quality fabrics, seamless designs, double layers, and fully adjustable straps create a bra with complete support and comfort. These no underwire bras are so comfortable you'll forget it's even there! Perfect for every day, all-day wear whether you're lounging around at home or hitting the gym for pilates. 

BRABAR's non underwired bras have key features that make them the best in support and comfort. These bras are designed to give the wearer confidence and that sexy feeling we all look for when buying a bra by prioritizing comfort. The key features that promote this comfort include the following:

  • Inclusive sizes
  • Removable padding
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Three-hook back closures
  • Quality materials

BRABARhas something for everyone, whether you're a tween searching for your first bra or a woman looking for your hundredth bra. Choosing a bra that fits correctly is essential, and at BRABAR, they have inclusive band and cup sizes that can fit sizes ranging from 28-38 and AA-DDD, with extended sizes coming soon! 

These no underwire bras have a size for everyone and are also customizable, so you can tailor them to the exact support you need. Features like removable padding and fully adjustable straps let you decide how supportive your bra is. This ability also enhances the comfort of these bras!

BraBar's also able to achieve proper fit and support through the three-hook back closures. These clasps allow you to adjust the bras, so they comfortably hug your body instead of harsh wires digging into your ribs. 

The materials used to make these bras also enhance their comfort with materials like nylon, spandex, and modal (an eco-friendly alternative to cotton). These fabrics provide a stretchy fit that allows these bras to suit all types of curves comfortably while still being supportive.

All of these features go into making a comfortable and supportive bra, but none of that matters if it doesn't fit properly. To ensure you find the correct size, BraBar has an "E-Z fit method" with detailed instructions on how to properly measure yourself available on their website, as well as fitting consultations. 

Check out BraBar's extensive collection of ultra-comfy no, underwire bras, bra tops, and bralettes so you can throw away your uncomfortable underwire bras. Find your perfect fit and get a bra you'll dream of never taking off at BraBar today! 

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