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Winner in White: BRABAR's White Essential Bras

White is an expansive color. It's effortlessly stunning and suits every skin tone. The color white symbolizes peace and is a great color to rock when you're feeling upbeat and looking to catch the sunshine (or spotlight). BRABAR's white bra collection consists of white essentials to don as crop top bras or bras that promise to no-show under that special outfit. They're breathable, buttery soft and oh-so-summery! Let's dive deeper to get a closer look at these fabulous white bras with styling tips. 

A Good White Bra: The Perfect Bra Fit

Before we get started with online bra shopping for a winning white bra wardrobe, we need to sort the basics. Did you know that 8 out of 10 girls wear the wrong bra size? You heard that right! These aren't just first time bra girls getting fitted to the wrong bra size but women and girls who've been wearing bras for a while, some all their lives. A part of the problem is the lack of standardization in measuring processes and scales. Which is why we're simplifying things at BRABAR. 

We've introduced a simple EZ- Fit guide for measuring bra cup sizes and band sizes to find the correct bra fit and bra size for you. This bra size utilizes your underbust measurement and a corresponding alphabet for your cup size with each alphabet indicating an increase of about an inch. This dynamic scale measures the difference between your underbust and bust size ensuring your cup size sits snugly encapsulating your breasts without gapping or cupping.

To find out how to measure your bra size, simply fetch a soft measuring tape and follow the easy step procedure on our EZ- Fit Guide. Our Bra Size Calculator is here to crunch those final numbers to get you your perfect bra size!

It's important to note that your measurements can change over time and it's crucial to measure up every 6 months to a year. 

Now that we're armed with your bra size for the best white bra in town, let's get bra shopping!

Casual White - White Cami Bras

Speaking of the effortlessly chic and charming nature of the color white, no bra encapsulates this look better than the white cami bra. These soft cami bras are made from stretchy, smooth tencel yarns that have a shaping effect on your breasts as they gently encase, support and lift them. The strong band helps lift and support your breasts. This supportive cami bra is a great choice to slip under that summer dress for seamless support or under a casual tee or work shirt. 

One of the best bras for teens, young girls love to wear our bras as crop tops too. Enjoy wirefree support and comfort with the soft cami bra top paired with shorts, leggings and skirts. 

Day Done Right - Soft White Day Bras

Two bras that you need to nail the workweek - the soft day bra with back closure in white and the multiway convertible bra in white. The soft day bra does what its name suggests - keep you feeling soft and supported on the inside while you take on the world and business agendas. Featuring soft, double-layered fabric, this white bra offers full coverage and modesty under tailored workwear outfits. A pro-tip: never wear a white bra under a translucent white shirt because the white will pop through the layers. For everything else, your white bra works wonders. 

The white multiway convertible bra also features the same awesome soft fabric with a super stretch potential as the white cami and day bras do. What makes the white convertible bra a must-have are its convertible straps. You can switch your straps to make them go cami-style, halterneck style or racerback style to slip under a variety of outfits. A fan favorite among girls who lead very active lifestyles and need a BFF for frequent changing room visits. 

Crop Top Bras - Wonder Woman in White

Sometimes you need a white bra that looks just as good on the outside as it does on the inside. While nearly all BRABAR bras are good to wear as crop tops, our favorites might be the white soft V crop bra and the white soft crop bralette (and the white cami bra, for sure!). This little wonder bra features double-layered fabric and wide straps for comfortable wear as a crop top bra. The soft and stretchy fabric molds itself to your breasts offering superior lift and support while the strong band kicks into action at the underbust. But, that's not all! The pretty V-neck on the soft crop bra ensures you can slip it under those low-neck, cut-out and plunge necklines on your dressiest outfits. 

White Halter Bralettes - Soft and Supportive

A halter bralette in white is the perfect option for girls with an active lifestyle. A halter neck bra with a low back has a special strap design where the straps wrap around the neck. This design offers added lift while the knitted fabric yarns offer compression to minimize bounce. BRABAR's halter bra in white is a backless halter bra - a classic piece to slip under backless tops and dresses. If you need to be assured of support on the dance floor while wearing that slinky dress, the white halter bralette has your back! The seamless cups, wirefree and smooth double-layered fabric design ensures you experience no bulges, lines or awkward jutting underwires under form-fitting tops. BRABAR's EZ- Fit Method ensures you get the perfect fit on those backless bra designs with bras that fit like a glove and feel soft to the touch. 

BRABAR's white bras fit women measuring bra cup sizes AA to DDD. Whether you choose the white halter backless bra or the soft V crop bralette, you're guaranteed support, lift and comfort, no matter your size. These white bras have been designed to offer wirefree support without compromising on style and versatility. No matter your size, personality or lifestyle needs - these white bras - have you covered (pun intended). 

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