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Why You Need A Medium Impact Sports Bra

A good sports bra makes or breaks flow and movement. You don't want to brace yourself for impact, whether running errands, walking, or on a morning jog. You want to feel graceful, agile, and alive. The long and short, or the high and low (see what we did there?), is that it is easy to find the right sports bra once you know the ins and outs of a good one.  

So, let's hit the ground running and get straight to it. What types of sports bras are out there?

The Low-Impact Sports Bras or the errand girlies

Low-impact sports bras provide all-around support and lift for activities involving significant but low bounce and movement. They're perfect for taking your dog on a walk or making a dash for the grocery store, yoga, and other forms of movement.

While girls with micro boobies, cup sizes AA to C, will find low-impact sports bras easy to exercise in, those with bigger boobs may need extra support on the regular jog. If you're on the fuller side, a medium-impact sports bra is likely a better choice while you're on the everyday move. Medium-impact sports bras like our Soft Cami Bra Top still provide snug comfort and support for days of working out at home for girls with both micro and macro boobs. If you're in the mood for something fancier or hosting a sleepover at home, the Hug Lace Halter Bralette - a girls bra, a great teen bra, and a pretty sports bra for teens and tweens - is really comfy for playing sports, living in and even sleeping in. We love dressing comfy for a party for one, in our cute, reversible Rib U- Back Bra that lets you switch up back and front. 

The Medium-Impact Sports Bras or the everyday girlies

If there's one bra you HAVE to count among your wardrobe essentials, it's the medium-impact sports bra. This versatile wireless bra does everything, from supporting everyday errands and activities to more intense movement days. The medium-impact sports bra is all-encompassing, overlooking neither the micro or macro boob girlies. The Hug Strappy Halter Bra is great for all sorts of days, from the slow to the fast-paced, all while looking fabulous. These everyday halter bralette sports bras for the girlies:

  • Provide more support and compression than regular wireless bras for days you anticipate more movement or unexpected hustling
  • They fit snugly while providing additional support, making them comfortable for everyday use
  • Are size agnostic suiting both smaller and larger bust sizes 
  • Do everything that low-impact sports bras do but with added support, making them a good choice for everyday wear for girls with macro boobs. 
  • Do everything that high-impact sports bras do without excessive compression. They're perfect for girls with micro boobs looking for extra support during intense workouts. Girls with macro boobs may need the added compression of a high-impact sports bra during intense workouts. 
  • They are ideal for medium-impact activities like jogging, cycling, hiking, golfing, and yoga and for everything from errand runs to walks.  
  • Can be styled for a casual fit.

The High-Impact Sports Bras or the hustle girlies

High-impact sports bras are high-compression bras for girls that give your boobs support and help them feel held together when you're performing activities involving tons of bounce and movement. When you're dancing, running, doing aerobics, or a gym workout, high-impact sports bras provide the ideal support. Girls of all bust sizes can benefit from the grip and hold that high-impact sports bras give your boobs during intense workouts that can otherwise leave you feeling sore and sensitive in the bust area. We recommend the high-impact sports bras for a day out hiking or days involving a lot of unexpected movement for girls with macro boobies, who can benefit from the added support. 

Medium-impact sports bras are vital for all age groups, encompassing bras for girls, teen sports bras, and options for women requiring various levels of support. These bras cater to diverse needs across different life stages, ensuring comfort and adequate support for a range of activities. Whether it's bras for girls, bras for teens, or sports bras for women who identify as "bra girls," one truth remains constant. Be it a halter bralette or a racerback style, a low to medium impact sports bra is a crucial piece in every woman's wardrobe. Such bras, including sports bras and bralettes, are indispensable for girls, teens, and women of all ages, making them a staple in every bra drawer, regardless of age or style preference. At the end of the day, the right sports bra makes you feel comfortable, confident and supported while you're out and about. Which bra is right for you will depend on your bra size and the level of impact involved in the activities. A medium-impact sports bra supports medium-impact activities like cycling, yoga, and hiking but can do so much more for you based on your boob size. 

Our X Racerback Sports Bra, a medium-impact sports bra knit with soft yarns, is quite a cute bra making for easy styling on a busy day. Simply throw on an unbuttoned, oversized boyfriend shirt over track pants or cycling shorts and the X Racerback Sports Bra and you're ready to take over the world!

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