Tween Girls Bra Guide

Tween Girls Bra Guide 

Buying the first bra for daughter can be overwhelming for both of you from many aspects. It is always good to introduce training bra when she begins to show interest or her body develops. But the age can vary depending on the level of physical development. There is no fixed age for wearing a bra. You might consider getting your daughter bras if her friends are wearing them. This may help begin the process and help her feel confident among her peers. Getting bras for girls is as important as getting her the right type of bra. A beginner’s bra or teenager bra is the best for young girls who have started developing breasts. They are very soft and stretchy giving enough room for the growing breasts.

There are different types of bra for teenagers to choose from as there are many sold under the category of “teen bras”.

But it is necessary to choose age-appropriate styles as many bras are not suitable for all ages and development stages.

Here are the types of Bras for a girl to wear

Training Bra which is a beginner bra. It is Lightweight, often Single-layer cups, thin elastic bands and soft cups, give some coverage.  Soon she will need something more substantial for modesty.

Everyday Bra is a simple bra seamed or seamless with good coverage and the experience or feeling of wearing typical back closure bra.

Bralettes are often made of lace, unlined, fashionable, and offer moderate coverage and support either padded or unpadded.

Cami Bra Top or Pull on type can be padded or unpadded but no hook closure. Will offer and high neckline and more coverage.

Sports Bra is a great option for lounging and activity. The bra lines will often show under clothing and the necklines can be a challenge. Bust compression can be a complaint.

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