Training Bra Demystified

What Is a Training Bra?

A training bra is the first bra a girl will ever wear and hence a training bra is usually tailored carefully to be comfortable, supportive, and easy for practical day-to-day use. A training bra is a specially designed bra for young girls/ tweens and teens to support their developing breasts. The Purpose of a Training Bra is to begin the process of wearing a bra. Training bras typically train young buds to get used to wearing a bra so that they are not overwhelmed when it is time for them to wear a bra with cups or wires.

Bras for girls just getting started 

When you need bras for teens, the best kind is those that will adjust with continued bust growth. BRABAR's junior bra selection is comfortable, supportive, wire-free, and contouring to the teen's body, whether petite or full-busted. These include our starter bras with soft, smooth cups, removable padding, and fully adjustable straps.

The Soft Cami Bra Top is as comfortable as it is versatile. It's a seamless sports bra and cami hybrid made of ultra-soft, sustainable, stretch material. The Cami features a long-length U-neckline, is double-layered without pads, and is perfect for everyday low to moderate-impact activities.

Our HUG Laceback Bralette possesses a smooth surplice with a full lace back to create a cute yet functional design. With the HUG Laceback Bralette, there's no need to double up, as the stretchy and soft microfiber offers a smooth and comfortable cup. This bralette is unlined and seamless and offers full coverage for girls, from petite to full busts. 

These are ideal bras for teens and tweens who are into dance, sports, and/or an active lifestyle. The HUG Laceback Bralette can be worn as a sports bra to handle low-to-mid impact activity. Though we offer multiple sizes and fits, it will adjust with the wearer as she grows.

How to Measure for Bra Size at Home


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