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This Popular Bra Brand Offers Serious Support and Comfort | US WEEKLY

This Popular Bra Brand Offers Serious Support and Comfort

So… what are our favorite BRABAR picks? Read on!

When it comes to what we wear under our tops, we like some decent support. Why are the bras that are actually supportive so uncomfortable, though? Those underwires pinch and poke and leave marks and oh, the freedom we feel when we can finally take them off!

Not so with a bra from BRABAR. This brand offers all the support of an underwire bra but there isn’t a wire in sight. Their bras and bralettes come in a range of styles, with one major feature in common: They’re super comfortable. And that comfort is underlying to the brand’s mission to help teen girls feel confident in their own skin and become everything they can be.

The idea for BRABAR was born when founder Wendy Herman went shopping for bras with her daughter and they couldn’t find anything that met the teen’s needs. Herman, who has years of experience as an intimates designer, started looking at the experience through her daughter’s eyes and it was a revelation.

It’s difficult enough for teen girls to deal with their changing bodies and society’s expectations of what they should look like and how they should dress. For teen girls who have fuller busts, these changes can be even more daunting. They’re often painfully aware already of the overly sexualized messaging around breasts, especially bigger breasts. They might already be comparing their bra sizes to those of their friends or their sisters and cousins and see how differently they are perceived, so they start hunching over and try to make themselves small and stop playing sports and they develop a warped sense of self.

This is why BRABAR offers styles that fit comfortably and offer support even for bigger cup sizes. They also consider what teen girls want in a bra, which is rarely to emphasize sex appeal above all else. Their bras and bralettes are soft and cool and without scratchy seams. They offer all the support of a sports bra and as a bonus, many of the styles are versatile enough to wear on their own.

BRABAR bras come in band sizes 28–38 and cup sizes AA to DDD/F. For teenage girls who have never owned a bra before, hearing terms like “band size” and “cup size” can make bra shopping a terrifying experience. What do these measurements even mean? It’s no wonder that so many girls end up wearing the wrong bra size and never learn how to find a bra that truly fits, even as they get older.

With BRABAR’s EZ-fit method, girls learn how to measure themselves and how these measurements translate into finding the right size bra for them. After all, girls who know how to find a bra that fits just right, grow into confident women who will never have to deal with straps cutting into their shoulders or bulges in all the wrong places, because they have a good foundation to build on.

Speaking of good foundations and support, BRABAR isn’t only making a difference in the lives of their young customers. They know that dealing with adolescence is an even bigger challenge for girls experiencing poverty or homelessness, who have recently escaped dangerous or violent situations, or who have been evacuated from disaster areas. These girls often have to make do with donated clothing and finding a well-fitting bra is nearly impossible. To help them stand tall and maintain their dignity in times of crisis, BRABAR is banding together with I Support The Girls by donating one bra for every bra sold.

So… what are our favorite BRABAR picks? Read on!

This Soft Strapless Bra Top BRABAR With its soft and stretchy double-layered fabric, sweetheart neckline and removable padding, this strapless longline bra top is so versatile. Wear it under a strapless dress or tank top, or on its own with a cute skirt. The silicone on the back edge keeps it in place and knit-in targeted support offers natural-looking lift. The Soft Strapless Bra Top with free shipping for $38, available from BRABAR!

This Day Bra With Back Closure BRABAR This is the perfect beginner bra, since it grows with the wearer due to its modal knit fabric. It comes with an adjustable back closure and fully adjustable straps with smooth and seamless cups. Wear it under a T-shirt, with or without the removable pads, for everyday support. SEE IT!

Get the Soft Day Bra with Back Closure with free shipping for $36, available from BRABAR! This Cami Bra Top BRABAR

We just love this crop cami that offers the support of a sports bra for our yoga classes, workouts and afterwards! It’s seamless and double layered, with adjustable straps to ensure the perfectly snug fit. Be warned, though: You’ll never want to take it off. Get the Soft Cami Bra Top with free shipping for $38, available from BRABAR!


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