The teenage years can be a confusing and tumultuous time, particularly with regard to personal development. - BRABAR

The teenage years can be a confusing and tumultuous time, particularly with regard to personal development.

The teenage years can be a confusing and tumultuous time, particularly with regard to personal development. As young girls learn to cope with their changing bodies and minds, a positive body image is of paramount importance. What few realize, however, is that this also includes wearing a good-fitting bra. For teens, wearing the right size and shape of bra is crucial for comfort and support, yet is often not taken into consideration.

 After all, growing pains can already be a burden, and improper bra size can make day-to-day activities unbearable. Fortunately, bra manufacturers have taken note of this, and now feature styles specifically designed to cater to the needs of teens. When picking a teenage bra, it’s important to find one that offers support and comfort all day long – not just for a few minutes. Bras with adjustable straps are often a great choice, as teens can customize the fit as needed.

When you need bras for teens, the best kind is those that will adjust with continued bust growth. BRABAR's junior bra selection is comfortable, supportive, wire-free, and contouring to the teen's body, whether petite or full-busted. These include our starter bras with soft, smooth cups, removable padding, and fully adjustable straps.

The Soft Cami Bra Top is as comfortable as it is versatile. It's a seamless sports bra and cami hybrid made of ultra-soft, sustainable, stretch material. The Cami features a long-length U-neckline, is double-layered without pads, and is perfect for everyday low to moderate-impact activities.

Our HUG Laceback Bralette possesses a smooth surplice with a full lace back to create a cute yet functional design. With the HUG Laceback Bralette, there's no need to double up, as the stretchy and soft microfiber offers a smooth and comfortable cup. This bralette is unlined and seamless and offers full coverage for girls, from petite to full busts. 

These are ideal bras for teens and tweens who are into dance, sports, and/or an active lifestyle. The HUG Laceback Bralette can be worn as a sports bra to handle low-to-mid impact activity. Though we offer multiple sizes and fits, it will adjust with the wearer as she grows.

How to Measure for Bra Size at Home

Additionally, selecting a design without too much decoration, such as fancy lace, can help avoid attracting unwanted attention. Finally, teens should consider bras with special cup sizes that take their changing cup size into account. As many girls go through two or more bra sizes during their teenage years, having access to a variety of cup sizes allows them to find the perfect fit that functions with their changing shape. In short, being comfortable and stylish doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts.

Now let's move onto what type of bra is suitable for a 13 year old. There is no "right" answer for this, because everyone's body is different. However, there are a few tips that can help you get the right bra for your body and your age. Firstly, make sure that the band of the bra fits snugly around your body and is not too loose.

Also, make sure that the cups provide comfortable coverage for your breasts without being too big or too small. If the bra is too small, it could cause discomfort while the larger cup sizes can cut into your breasts, so make sure to measure yourself properly before buying. Secondly, keep your choice of bras modest.

You can opt for a soft cup bra, a push-up bra, a T-shirt bra, a strapless bra or even a sports bra. All of these provide ample coverage while still giving you enough lift, support and shape. Thirdly, don't buy a bra with too many detailing or too many straps.

If you opt for a T-shirt bra, then make sure it is seamless and minimalistic without too much frill or detailing. Too many straps or detailing can cause embarrassment, so try to find a classy option. Finally, always read the label when buying a bra. It is important to know the fabric used to check the quality of the bra. 

Always look for softer materials like cotton and avoid harsh materials like polyester. This can help avoid any skin irritation or discomfort. So, now that you know what type of bra to choose for a 13-year-old, keep these tips in mind while shopping for your first bra. With proper care and maintenance, your bra can last a long time and make you feel comfortable and confident!

Finding the right bra at the right time is an essential part of developing a positive body image in the teenage years, so don’t be afraid to experiment and ask for help to find the perfect fit.



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