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The Supportive Cami Universe: A Bra in its Own League

Is it a bra, is it a top, is it magic all its own? Yes, that's exactly what it is - a bra that does it all. The cami bra manages to belong to the bra universe and still not of it. It bridges the space between a crop top and a bra and does it all while flexing support and ultimate comfort. The cami bra is really in a league of its own and we all want one!

Camis are so versatile, doubling up as bras and tops all at once. They've got that seamless design and those delicate straps that give them a feminine look while working just as well as a sports bra. Cami bras are an excellent everyday bra because they provide more coverage than a traditional bra, meaning that they're great to slip under workwear or slip on for a workout. But, with the right styling tips, these wonders of the bra world can easily pair with different necklines and styles to create an effortlessly stylish look. Let's hop into the cami bra multiverse and explore the many ways to style a cami bra with just about anything!

Everything a Bra Girl needs to know about the Cami Bra

A supportive cami bra is a girl's best friend and we're just about to show how strong this friendship can go. If you've only worn your cami under tees or as a cami bra top, you're missing out! A cami can add layers and style beautifully with pretty much any dress or top! Let's get to the center of the supportive cami bra friendship already!

Low-Neck Tops and V-Neck Cami Bra Tops

Every bra girl, even the most devoted cami bra wearers would shy away from wearing a cami bra under a low-neck top for the most obvious reason - no ugly peekaboo please! That said, the right cami bra can help the look. 

Styling tip

Pair a cami bra with a V-neckline with your top for just the nicest kind of layering and to avoid any unaesthetic bra reveals under your top. Choose a cami bra in the same color as your top for elegant and seamless layering. Alternatively, you could also choose a cami bra with lace detailing for an unintentionally chic peeking effect to create contrast. 

Outfit Inspo

The Everyday Longline Cami Bra pairs perfectly with a V-neck wrap dress, a V-neck crew top and a tank top. 

Off-Shoulder and Boat Neck Tops

The off-shoulder top or dress pairs really well with a cami because you can choose to show off the straps for drama or not!

Styling Tips

The cami bra's cousin is the strapless bra - a bra that looks just like a supportive cami bra, offering the same level of support and comfort but without the straps! The strapless bra slips under an off-shoulder top and supports you through an important day or evening, while you make a fashion statement. For a casual fit, a cami bra in a contrasting color pops under a boat neck top if you choose to let the straps show. 

Outfit Inspo

Our Soft Strapless Bra Top will disappear under any off-shoulder top giving you the support you need and letting your chosen top shine. The Soft Cami Bra Top's straps pop under a boat neck top in a contrasting color. We like to pair a white boat neck tee with our soft cami bra top in black. 

Sheer and Lace Tops

Sheer tops are where the game's at when it comes to layering a cami bra. You can play with color, texture or detailing such as prints and lace on your cami, to create a stunning look with a sheer or lace top. 

Styling Tips

A cami bra in contrasting or complementary colors slips under a sheer top to create a dramatic look. Black goes just as well under a black sheer top to create a layered and textured look, while a black cami goes well under a white sheer top to create a look of contrast. A great rule of thumb is to avoid a cami bra color that stands out as underwear under your sheer top. Instead, choose colors that achieve the effect of elegant layering. 

Outfit Inspo

Pair our Soft Cami Bra Top with a sheer lace top featuring pattern play - the cami bra acts as the canvas on which the patterns pop. 

Cami Bra Tops for Casual and Athleisure Wear

If the cami bra had to have a home, it would be in the world of athleisure. Its naturally sporty look means that a cami bra can be worn with any gym outfit. But, there are so many other ways, too!

Styling Tips

Cami bras can go from feminine and casual to androgynous on the style-o-meter. For a sporty look, a cami bra with fuller coverage pairs well with open-back tops or a hoodie and track pants. But a V-neck cami bra makes a looker with a pair of jeans and a crochet top - girly and sassy for that girls night-out. 

Outfit Inspo

Throw on our Soft Cami Bra Top with sweatpants and a hoodie, and take on that to-do list like the girlboss you are! Or, pair our Everyday Longline Cami Bra with your favorite pair of jeans,  and, a crochet top, a shrug, or the cutest leather jacket for an evening stroll - you make the rules with the cami bra!

The cami bra is really a girl's best friend and best-kept secret. But we're gatekeeping this information no longer! Every girl deserves a good bra, and the best bras for teens and ladies alike are literally the cami bras in all her avatars. We've shown you the many ways we love styling our faves. We'd love to see you style BRABAR cami bra tops, too. You inspire us every day, and together, we can lift each other up, break some rules, make new ones, and conquer the world with a supportive cami bra right with us. 

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