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The Art of Sizing for Comfort and Confidence: Low Back Bras For Big Bust Girlies

Having big boobs shouldn't be a reason to shy away from a backless cocktail dress. And with a little help from her girls - there's a long way a girl can go to achieve her dreams. All you need are your BFFS - a properly fitted bra that provides comfort, support, and coverage - and your self-confidence.  A good bra with a low back and the right fit can empower you and make you fall in love with your body. That's what friends are for, aren't they? In this article, we'll help you find your BFFs (Bra Friends Forever) by walking you through how to know what bra size you are and tips on what to look for when bra shopping online and offline. 

Determining Your Actual Bra Size and Measurements

Comfort and confidence come from finding a bra that fits like a glove. Bra style is the cherry on the cake that helps you define who you are, your wardrobe choices, and much more. 8 out of 10 women wear badly-fitted bras because they don't have their size right. This can cost you so much in the long run. A lack of proper support to your breasts can cause shoulder indentations from straps that dig in too tight, skin chafing, and poor posture. We encourage women to consider a professional fitting. A professional fitting offers so much more than accurate sizing. We help you figure out styles that work best for your bra size and sister sizes to size up or down by style. It's always a good idea to size yourself once every year. If you prefer doing it at home, here's how: 

How to Measure Bust Size and Band Size:

All you'll need is a soft measuring tape and the excitement to go bra shopping again (a great way to expand your wardrobe's versatility!). 

First, wrap the measuring tape directly under your bust line. At this point, we're measuring your bra band line or where your bra's band sits. The band is the most important part of your bra because it's responsible for most of the support your breasts will get. The reading you see  when you wrap a tape just under your breast is your band size. Remember to hold the tape in a snug position when making notes. A good band fits securely without riding up or digging into your skin. 

Second, onto your bust size. Wrap the measuring tape over the fullest part of your bust. This reading is your bust size. 

Third, the fun part- finding out how awesome your boobs are. Your cup size is your band size subtracted from your bust size. It refers to the volume of your breasts and the cup-holding size of your bra. 

Finally, a good sizing chart helps you match band size and cup size to get you your bra size. 

Sister Sizing to the Rescue Or What's in A Cup Bust Size Anyway?

You're never stuck with a single bra size. That's because every bra size has a sister…or two. When you go down a band size, your cup size decreases and vice versa. Depending on the style of the bra, you'll want the band to sit differently. For instance, you'll probably want a tighter fit on the band when wearing a sports bra which means you'll go down a band size and up a cup size (to accommodate for the decreased cup volume). Bra sizing can vary across bra styles, so it all comes down to sister sizing. When shopping for a low-back bra, pay attention to how your bra feels and how your breasts fit into the cups. If you notice skin bulges or bra cup wrinkles, that indicates a badly fitted bra. 

Measure Cup Bra Size Yearly 

There are lots of factors that can lead to a change in bra size in as short a span of time as a year. Weight changes, hormones, and other factors mean it's best to resize often. Luckily BRABAR makes bras that accommodate changing breast sizes, but a refitting session helps determine if you'll need new bras. 

Low Back Bras for Fuller Figures  

We know that a band is crucial to supporting your breasts. How do you make sure your breasts get the support they need under low back and backless tops? If you have a full figure and cup size, you're likely to worry about this more often than not.  We're here to tell you that it's possible to find support without compromising on that sexy neck and backline. 

Backless Halter Bras 

Halter style bras come with a unique design - while their wide bands continue to support, the unique straps wrapping around the neck provide enhanced support and lift without a back band. Here's what to look for in a good backless halter bra or low-back halter: 

Adjustable Straps: Adjustable straps make sure you can customize fit to your comfort level and support needs. It also ensures you get the optimal lift while preventing neck strain. 

Proper Fabric: You'll notice when bra shopping online from expert bra stores that they always explain why a fabric is being used. Certain fabrics enhance stretch, help with contouring and molding and play a big part in providing extra support and life. 

Low-Back Cotton Stretch Bras

If you're looking for a bra that supports a low neckline at the back without needing to go backless, a low-back bra is what you need. When selecting a low-back bra, here are some points to consider. 

Shop for Occasion: Do you need a low-back bra to go with a day dress or a cocktail dress? If you're looking for something to support you through the day, a cotton stretch low-back bra ensures you get the coverage you need for low to medium-impact activities without compromising on style. The cotton stretch fabric plays a role in contouring and providing support while ensuring you don't get sweaty. On the other hand, a V-neck lace halter bralette slips under a cocktail dress. The halter neck's unique design provides extra support for fuller breasts and adds a touch of femininity to your dress. 

Band and Cup Size: Always look for a good band width on backless and low-back bras. Support for fuller busts comes from the front band together with the halter straps and fabric choices on bras. 

Tips For Finding Your Perfect Low Back Bra

No more do girls with macro boobies need to shy away from revealing necklines and backless tops. The bra offering you just the right fit, support, and comfort is here. Here is a quick recap of what to look for in a low-back bra for filling out revealing necklines confidently:

Get Fitted: Experienced fitters help determine accurate cup and band sizing while helping with sister sizing and style recommendations. Nothing's impossible with the right fit and support. 

Prioritize Comfort & Support: It's not about the cute dress when we think you're cuter. Putting yourself front and center of your styling process ensures you're confident and empowered in the choices you make. When your bra offers complete support without poking, pinching, or riding up, you know you can take on the world, one backless dress at a time. 

Sometimes It's Not the Bra, It's the Dress: A good halter backless bra or low-back bra will typically feature a V-neckline while providing vertical coverage. Choose a dress that allows some space between the bra necklines and your dress' neckline to ensure the bra stays hidden.

Practice At Home First: Trying out bra and outfit combinations at home gives you a feel of any tweaks you may need before the big night out! Value starter packs help you get started on the journey to style, comfort, and confidence. You feel more self-assured when you know everything fits beautifully ahead of time.

A good bra that offers the correct fit makes you feel amazing from the inside out. It's time to treat yourself to support and comfort with bras that love you back. We've tons of sizing options available, serving sizes AAA to DDD, in styles perfect for showing off backless and low-cut dresses and tops. And don't forget, you can always reach out to us to help you through bra shopping. 

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