Tales from the BRABAR Studio:  Finding a Strapless Bra for Dresses - BRABAR

Tales from the BRABAR Studio: Finding a Strapless Bra for Dresses

Tales from the BRABAR Studio:  Finding a Strapless Bra for Dresses

Springtime is near with junior cotillions and senior proms just around the corner—dresses and spring outfits aplenty mean teenagers need to find strapless bras and teens bralette solutions for all their needs. Finding the best strapless bra can be a challenge even for the most seasoned shopper.

In the last several years, springtime has become the strapless bra and halter bralette season, especially at the BRABAR Studio where we touch how to bust sizes and band sizes to those who enter. Plenty of teen girls and preteen girls come to get fitted for a strapless bra to go with their dresses. Teenage bralettes for a strapless, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, or crop top are tricky. The best strapless bra is always necessary to any wardrobe for multiple events throughout the year, but especially in spring and summer.

The BRABAR Soft Strapless Bra is ultra-versatile and comfortable. Our Soft Strapless Bra top offers endless styling options. This strapless bra top is ideal for off-shoulder, one-shoulder, and halter styles, providing both support and style. The strapless bra is a bra for tube tops as well. It’s a practical choice for everyday use in spring or summer but really for all year.

Alternatively, other options for strapless, off-shoulder-, one-shoulder, or halter outfits are the Soft Crop Multiway Convertible Bra Top, the Strappy Halter Bralette, the Lace Halter Bralette, and the Open-Back Backless Halter Bralette

Naturally, it all depends on the outfit, style, and look for what teen bralette a teen girl or preteen girl can use as bralettes and bra tops. Halter bralettes like the Strappy Halter Bralette and the Lace Halter Bralette are good for when you have a shirt or top that can show a little bit of a snazzy bralette for teens. The Strappy Halter Bralette is a strappy halter bra that blends a seamless design with all-day comfort. The Strappy Halter Bralette can double as a medium-impact sports teen bralette. The Lace Halter Bralette is a beautiful lace halter bralette that combines feminine details with everyday comfort and support. The Lace Halter Bralette is ideal for a teen girl's daily activities or as a medium-impact sports bra. The Open-Back Backless Halter Bralette is a great option for backless and open-back outfits. It provides style and support.

The Soft Crop Multiway Convertible Bra Top is ultra-versatile and comfortable, our soft multiway convertible bra offers endless styling options. Wear it as a backless halter bra, create a criss-cross style, or use the fully adjustable cami straps to achieve your perfect fit. It's the ideal bra or top for any outfit. The Soft Crop Multiway Convertible Bra Top is a great multipurpose bralette for teens option where you can change the straps to become a thin halter bralette, a criss-cross back teen bralette, or a one-shoulder bralette. With some adjustment, it would also make for a casual strapless bra.

I have helped plenty of teen and preteen girls find their strapless bra solution, including this one teen girl looking for a strapless bra to go with two dresses, one for a wedding and one for a school dance.

To find the perfect fitting strapless bra, you should be professionally measured by a fit expert, or if you prefer to do it yourself you can find a guide here, but here’s the cheat sheet on how to find the correct band and how to measure bust sizes:

  • Measure Underbust: Wrap a soft measuring tape around your body, right below your breasts. The number you read on the tape is your band size. Round to the nearest even whole number. 
  • Measure Overbust: Wrap a soft measuring tape around your body, over the fullest part of your breasts. The number you read on the tape is your bust size; round to the nearest whole number. 
  • Calculate Cup Size: Subtract your band size from your bust size. This number is your cup size or the volume of your breast tissue. Your cup size in inches is represented by an alphabet (sizes AAA to DDD/F). 1 inch = A cup, 2 inches = B cup, 3 inches = C cup, etc.
  • Your bra size is your band size + your cup size alphabet. BUST - BAND = Cup Size in inches
  • This is converted to bra size as Band Size and Cup Size 

I measured the teenager with a 33-inch rib cage measurement and a 39-inch overbust measurement. A 33-inch rib cage measurement is a 34 band as you round up to the nearest even number for the band size. The 34 band size subtracted from the overbust measurement of 39 is a difference of 5 inches. A difference of 5 inches is a DD-Cup Size as each inch is a cup size. The teen girl’s size was a 34DD.

With her size in hand, I recommended the Soft Strapless Bra in the BRABAR Size 32-34, but also for her to try the smaller size 28-30 as sometimes you need a tighter band on the strapless. 

Her mother had made her bring both dresses to try on with the strapless bra to check to see if it showed or if it fit with the neckline and back of the dresses. The other strapless bra options like the Soft Crop Multiway Convertible Bra Top, the Strappy Halter Bralette, the Lace Halter Bralette, and the Open-Back Backless Halter would not have worked for the dresses on hand, but our good alternative options depend on the outfit.

The first dress with a Soft Strapless Bra was a perfect fit. The strapless fit snugly around the teenager’s ribcage and the sup coverage was good. The second dress was almost a miss as before it was tried on, it was shown to me and the back looked a little low for our Strapless Bra, but it turned out not to be.

The Soft Strapless Bra in size 32-34 for a 34DD bra size fit for both dresses. The best strapless bra had been chosen for the events in question. The teen girl and her mother left happy with their choice as it could be used in many outfits and styles.

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