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Styling a Medium Impact Sports Bra

The medium impact sports bra is always a good go-to. It's a breeze to style and provides all-round support for various activities. The fact that a sports bra can be size agnostic - meaning they’re perfect for girls with micro or macro boobies - is what makes them an absolute must-have. If you're looking for top-notch support for a day of moderate activity, to go hiking, cycling, to yoga class, or even dancing, the medium impact sports bra is the one for you. 

But what do you wear them with? Since sports bras are meant for outdoor play and everyday movement, we'd say - wear them with anything. What you like is just perfect because it gives us a peek into who you are, and we're all about that. But, as fellow girls familiar with the last-minute hustle of deciding what to wear on a busy day, we know how precious a few pointers can be. Here are some ideas we've curated based on how we like to wear the BRABAR sports bra range. You'll catch us in them out and about town, and we'd love for you to join us. 

Before you dive in, remember to fit yourself to the right sports bra. This is so crucial to comfort and flexible movement all through the day. For more on getting fitted into the right sports bra, check out our explanation here. We say it's all about the matchy-matchies when it comes to matching the right bra to activity levels. For that, we've got you covered with this tell-all piece on low, medium and high impact bras and choosing the right one for you. 

Easy Breezy Pleasy

The Hug Strappy Halter Bra is when a girls sports bra is designed so beautifully, it's fun to wear out or to layer. Our strappy halter wireless bra is useful for low to medium impact activities for girls of all bust sizes. Depending on the weather, the hug strappy halter bralette  is fun to style for all seasons. We like wearing ours with an open back tee and shorts on a summer day for a grocery run or picnic. This low to medium impact sports bra also looks great worn under an oversized mesh or knit top and flared pants to a spin or yoga class. 

Street Style Smarts

A dream sports bra for all occasions, the Cotton Stretch Rib U-Back Bra is reversible and can be worn with the U-neck or V-neck out front. The cotton stretch rib wireless bra is great for everyday living with its super breathable qualities and ultra soft cotton. We like to pair it with a sleeveless hoodie and a pair of denim for a day out with the girls or medium-impact sports activities out in the park. Or, give it an elegant twist paired with velvet cycling shorts. 

Cozy Feels Right

Who said lace was for summer alone? We like lacing up when it's cozy season, too! Our favorite sports bra for low to medium impact activities on days requiring something on the dressier side is the Hug Lace Bralette. They come in a range of colors allowing for the perfect color-pop under a jacket or dress. We like pairing a cropped bomber jacket unzipped and a midi skirt, shorts, or leggings for a day of erranding with this really pretty lace bralette sports bra for girls. 

Lounging in Layers

Some days are meant for lounging around and doing nothing at all. Our Soft Cami Bra Top is great for the purpose and equally comfortable for bouncing about town. Designed to look like a cami top so you can wear it out as a bra top or wear it in, it's also great for layering. We love wearing it with flared leggings and an overshirt. Or, keep it classic paired with your favorite denim. 

Cheer for Sheer

It's always a cause for celebration when you know you can wear your bra under sheer. That's a look that can take your confidence up as you take over the world on a busy day. Our Hug Lace Bralette and Soft Cami Bra Top work well under sheer and mesh and make for a perfect evening look. 

No matter where you're going or what you're doing, our wireless bras make sure you're comfortable and confident in who you are. Our X Racerback Sports Bra is a medium impact sports bra that can be styled all of the ways above and so many more. It's a dream to style inside and outside of the gym.

Remember that at the end of the day, styling is a deeply personal choice. Sports bras go from low impact to medium and high impact bras and which bra you choose to wear on any given day would depend on the size of your boobs and the level of activity (and bounce) you expect on that day. Comfort is key and you want to make sure your boobs have the right support based on the activity you're anticipating. Styling is the cherry on the cake. We're here to support you however you like to wear our wireless bras. Join the BRABAR movement, tag us in your unique fits, and inspire others to express their personal fashion.
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