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Why should we standardize bra sizing methods?

 Bra sizing is a topic that has long perplexed many women, leaving them frustrated and unsure of their true bra size. Why should we standardize bra sizing methods? The lack of standardization in bra sizing methods has led to a myriad of issues, including discomfort, ill-fitting bras, and a negative impact on overall confidence. In this article, we will explore the importance of standardizing bra sizing methods and how BRABAR is leading the charge in this much-needed revolution.

The Role of Underwire in Bra Sizing

To understand the importance of standardization, let's first address why bras have used underwire historically. Underwires were introduced to help shape the bust area, providing support and maintaining the bra's structure. However, the use of underwires has often been a source of discomfort and inconvenience for many women. Standardization can help find alternatives that prioritize comfort without sacrificing support.

The Bra Band vs. Underwire

In the debate between the bra band and underwire, it's essential to recognize that the bra band typically offers more support. The band encircles the body, providing a stable foundation for the bra, while the underwire focuses on a specific area. Standardizing sizing methods can help ensure that bands are appropriately sized to offer optimal support.

How Should a Bra Fit?

A well-fitting bra should feel snug but not overly tight. The band should sit parallel to the ground and stay in place without riding up. The straps should provide support without digging into the skin, and the cups should fit seamlessly without gaps or bulges. Standardized sizing methods can guide women to find their perfect fit, promoting comfort and confidence.

The Challenge of Limited Underwire Sizes

Many bra companies offer a limited range of sizes with underwire due to the complexity and cost of designing and manufacturing underwired bras. These bras require precise measurements and special molds for each cup size, making them less economically viable. Standardization can help streamline this process and offer a wider range of comfortable options for all body types.

The Benefits of Wire-Free Bras

Wire-free bras offer numerous benefits, including improved comfort, reduced risk of chafing, less pressure on the ribcage, and increased flexibility. They can also be particularly helpful for women with breast-related conditions, providing much-needed relief. Standardized sizing methods can make wire-free bras more accessible and cater to individual needs.

The Influence of Measurement Methods

The choice between rib cage and armpit measurements to determine bra size can significantly impact the fit and comfort of bras. Standardizing measurement methods can help ensure consistency and accuracy, guiding women to find their ideal bra size effortlessly.

BRABAR's Commitment to Change

BRABAR recognizes the challenges women face in finding the right bra fit and is committed to making a difference. They have introduced the shop-by-band EZ-fit method, specifically designed for teen girls, to simplify the sizing process. By promoting the ribcage method of bra measuring, BRABAR aims to provide accurate sizing that accounts for unique body shapes and sizes.

The Importance of Standardization

Standardizing bra sizing methods is not just about convenience; it's about empowering women to feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies. By establishing consistent sizing guidelines, the bra industry can eliminate the frustration of ill-fitting bras, promote body positivity, and enhance overall well-being.

BRABAR is at the forefront of this movement for change, advocating for standardized bra sizing methods that prioritize comfort, support, and confidence. Join the revolution and discover the freedom of wearing a bra that fits perfectly, thanks to standardization.

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Wendy Herman: Empowering Women Through BRABAR - A Wire-Free Revolution

Introduction: In the world of lingerie and intimate apparel, Wendy Herman stands as a beacon of empowerment and innovation. Her journey towards founding BRABAR, a brand dedicated to revolutionizing the way women experience bras, is not only inspiring but also a testament to her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of women everywhere. In this article, we delve into Wendy Herman's story and explore the driving force behind BRABAR, all while providing valuable insights into the world of wire-free bras.

Wendy Herman's Journey to Empowerment

Wendy Herman, a visionary entrepreneur, and advocate for women's comfort, embarked on a mission to address a long-standing issue in the world of lingerie - the discomfort caused by underwires in bras. Her personal experiences and struggles with ill-fitting, uncomfortable bras, which are all too common among women, served as the catalyst for change.

Driven by the desire to empower women and provide them with a better, more comfortable alternative, Wendy Herman founded BRABAR. Her vision was clear: to create a brand that prioritizes comfort and support without compromising on style. With this goal in mind, she set out to design wire-free bras that cater to women of all ages, body types, and lifestyles.

The BRABAR Difference

BRABAR represents a paradigm shift in the world of lingerie. The brand's commitment to wire-free bras has not only transformed the way women perceive their undergarments but has also given them the freedom to embrace their natural curves and move confidently through their daily lives.

BRABAR's wire-free bras are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit and supreme comfort. Wendy Herman and her team have crafted bras that cater to a wide range of sizes and shapes, from junior to curvy fits, band sizes 28-38, and cup sizes AA-DDD/F. The result is a collection of everyday bras and bralettes that allow women to feel comfortable, confident, and supported, no matter their body type.

Empowering Women Through Comfort

Wendy Herman firmly believes that comfort is the foundation of confidence. By founding BRABAR, she has provided women with an opportunity to break free from the discomfort of underwires and embrace a new era of intimate wear. Her brand empowers women to celebrate their natural beauty, allowing them to be comfortable in their own skin.

In a world where societal standards have often dictated what constitutes beauty and comfort, Wendy Herman's vision for BRABAR disrupts the status quo. Her brand encourages women to embrace their uniqueness and prioritize their own comfort and well-being above all else.


Wendy Herman's journey from a personal struggle with uncomfortable bras to the creation of BRABAR is a testament to her commitment to women's empowerment and comfort. Through her brand, she has not only revolutionized the lingerie industry but has also empowered countless women to prioritize their own comfort, confidence, and well-being.

BRABAR's wire-free bras are more than just undergarments; they are a symbol of a new era in which women can embrace their natural beauty and move through life with confidence. Wendy Herman's dedication to improving the lives of women everywhere has created a legacy of comfort and empowerment that will endure for generations to come.

As you embark on your own journey of comfort and empowerment, explore the world of BRABAR and discover the freedom of wire-free bras that prioritize your well-being and confidence.

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