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Softie on the Inside, Baddie on the Outside: A Styling Guide for BRABAR's Soft Bras

It takes hard work to make it in the world but staying soft on the inside counts in the long run. That's why you need to make sure you're cozy and comfortable on the inside, so you're confident and optimistic on the outside. Super soft bras combine all that's beautiful in the world from buttery-soft tencel blend fabric to elegant, supportive design to create a bra that's featherlight on the skin and wirefree. Soft bras can be deceptive. They sit pretty and look soft and delicate but they're baddies who can just as well take to the streets for a day of action. All you do is slip into a soft bra and leave it to them for smooth sailing while hustling!

First Things First: What's the Soft Bra Got To Do With Confidence?

When your bra isn't a softie, it feels like they're hard-hearted and made of steel. They're stiff and heavily padded and have wires going all around that poke and squeeze. It's like your boobs have been sent to prison, while you go about your world mission. 

Soft bras are different. Soft bras lift and inspire you. They move you on the inside by letting your boobs move naturally and with gentle support. Flexible and ultra soft tencel fabric gently cradles your breasts, letting them breathe, move….and dance! Breathable fabric means no gunk and sweat build-up which is just so important to staying top of your health. And, also the single most important variable to staying comfortable and prioritizing your vibe. Thank the soft bra lords for no damp, sticky weirdness through the day! 

Soft bras are designed for an easy breezy fit without wires or pads which means no more awkward bra lines peeking through your favorite tee or silky camisole. Because soft bras feel like second skin, you start noticing when a bra is a perfect match for your breast shape and size. More often than not, women end up wearing bad-fitting bras in the wrong band and cup size because they're more focused on getting the compression at all cost. With a bra that sits softly and smoothly against your bust, you begin to notice any gapping, cupping or pinching, and automatically gravitate towards the correct bra fit and measuring bra cup sizes right. You want to flaunt - not hide - your beautiful breasts. Here's a bra that embraces all that's feminine about you, helping you anchor girl power to do good in the world. 

Whether you're running errands, meeting up with friends, a regular at the gym or looking to cuddle up on the couch without discomfort, the soft bras help you slay the day in style and with confidence. 

BRABAR's Soft Bra Styles for Different Occasions

Super soft tencel fabric and supportive design in a range of styles go into our collection of wire-free soft bras. Every style works its magic under a different look meaning you can mix-and-match your outfits without compromising on comfort and support. If you're wondering which soft bra is the best for when, we've got you!

Everyday Soft Bra - Soft Day Bra  

A soft bra that's a great everyday bra is the soft bra with a back closure. This bra comes with an underband that provides grip and support to your boobs without poking or prodding. The band ensures everything stays firmly in place while you go about your routine. The gathered tencel fabric offers elegant contouring and shape. 

Pair the everyday bra under casual tees, sleeveless tunics to work, form-fitting dresses and dressy blouses on a special evening, and sweet knit tops,. The back closure disappears under clothing while the double layer fabric provides extra coverage for modesty. 

From weekend brunch dates, to casual shopping trips and picnics with friends, the soft day bra brightens up any day. In neutral shades, this bra is well-suited to both light and dark colored outfits.  

Sexy Occasion Soft Bra - Soft Cami Bra

The soft cami bra's slinky, sexy look pairs well under plunging neckline blouses, body-hugging silhouettes and casual tees. In fact, the soft cami bra is one of the best cami bras in town to double up as a cami bra top all on its own. 

This wire-free soft bra comes with ultra-stretchable fabric that supports your breasts in a cool and gentle embrace. The wide band, double-layered fabric and adjustable straps ensure support, modesty and comfort under all sorts of outfits.  Wear this one out as a top with jeans for a casual day look or slip it under a sexy slip dress or low-neck blouse on an evening out. 

Special Occasion Soft Bra - Soft Strapless Bra Top  

Every woman needs a strapless bra to go under a strapless dress. The soft strapless bra's unique sweetheart neckline is just the arsenal you need in your cupboard. She's perfect to pair with off-shoulder and cold-shoulder ruffled blouses, low-neck cocktail dresses, bridesmaid gowns and tube tops. 

The wide band makes sure your bra stays firmly in place as you groove on the dance floor. The cups provide contouring and additional support to make sure you look your best under that form-fitting dress. Pro-tip: we think our soft strapless bra with her sweetheart neckline makes for a head-turner, heartbreaker top worn as a bra top. 

Lounge and Leisure Soft Bra - Soft Lace Bralette 

Speaking of bra tops, who wants loungewear that's plain and boring? Enter the soft cami bralette and all of a sudden you're playing dress-up at home! This soft bra has got glam with flirty lace detailing and extra soft cups. 

What's better, you don't need an outfit change to go on a grocery run. Pair your soft day bralette with joggers, yoga pants or pajamas and you're good to go! Slip her under an oversized tee for long hours behind your work desk, movie night at home, a stroll in the park with the girlfriends or stargazing on your own.  

This bralette slips under low back tanks (with a pop of lace!), sheer blouses, tees and sweats, when you need a coffee break. 

Worry-Free Soft Bras  

The Soft Multiway Convertible Bra combines the superpowers of all of the other soft bras. She comes with removable padding and features adjustable, multiway straps. Wear this bra as a halter bra on days when you need to step up the action outdoors or need a supportive bra under a backless dress. Or, switch it up as a cami bra; the choice is yours. Whether it's a sexy keyhole back dress, a slip dress or a regular tee, the clever multiway bra makes sure you remain snug and supported under them all. 

Soft Bras for Everyday Comfort and Ultimate Confidence

Prioritizing what's good for you pays off in achieving your goals in the long run. When you find that perfect soft bra, it'll feel like meeting a long lost friend. You wonder how you came so far without their support and strength and wonder whether it's worth taking a journey without them. The soft bra ensures you find your perfect fit while staying comfortable and confident. It's a bra that meets your daily needs and exceeds your expectations. They feel like a breeze on hectic days and feel like a hug on days of lounging. They combine confidence, sass and strength with comfort and cozy to create a blend that checks out. 

When you make your comfort your style mantra, your soft bra does the rest. Breasts swathed in buttery soft fabric, supported by good design are just what you need when you go places. Your inner baddie deserves to shine and that's the soft bra's promise to you!

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