Small Boobs, Big Boobs, How should your bra fit?

How should your bra fit?

Stretches with wear, it should feel comfortably snug. Support comes from the band. The band should be straight and leveled, and should not ride up.

Lays flat on your chest at the center of the bra band - between the cups. If the band lifts off your rib cage or chest wall you might need a smaller band size and most likely more cup capacity.

Girls with Smaller Boobs will look for Filled cups, with no extra fabric or cup gaping. Girls with larger Boobs are looking for more cup capacity and keeping all of the BOOB tissue inside the bra cups.

Comfortably follows your natural boob shape and supports without underwires

Fully adjustable and this helps straps stay in place without slipping or digging. Straps will stretch with wear, we suggest tightening them every few weeks .The support should come from the bra band and not the bra straps. If the straps are doing the heavy lifting try sizing down in the band and up in the cup. 

Small Boobs, Big Boobs,

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