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Reppin' All Petite Size Girls

So, you've noticed you have buds, and you're on the internet looking for training bra sizes? Or, you're just a bra girl in the bra world and feel like you haven't found 'your' size. You're in the right place! We're about to tell all about the smallest bra size that exists and find you the best bras for petite boob sizes, so you can fall in love with them all over again. 

But, first, the basics. If you don't know your size yet or want to make sure you're sizing yourself right, grab yourself a measuring tape, a pen, and paper. Ready? Things are about to get amazing when you go bra-girl mode. Here's a step-by-step guide to a bra fit that's a near-perfect match to your true size. We recommend coming back here once you've got your size handy. 

If you're back from the sizing session, you should know your bra size that looks like a number followed by an alphabet. A secret code word that takes you through the world of bra shopping. Giddy up, girls, it's time for business!

Online Bra Shopping: It's The Smallest Things that Make You Happiest

So, to the question - what's the smallest size of bra? The smallest bra size is typically bra size measurement 28AA, but you might occasionally hear of AAA cup sizes as well. A 28AA cup size means that your band size is less than an inch smaller than your bust size. 

Correct Bra Fit: Straight As

A question that small-boob girls often have is - is A the smallest cup size in the universe? While A is often the smallest size you find across major retailers, it isn't the smallest cup size to exist. Online bra stores that cater to getting you fitted just right will also offer AA and AAA sizes based on your bra size and measurements. An in-person fitting and personalized consultation is especially useful if you can't find your size. 

Now, while As may be the smallest cup size to exist, they may not necessarily be the perfect size for your boob volume. When the band size of a bra decreases, so does the width and depth of its cup volume. This means that, for the perfect fit, you could wear a tighter or looser band fit and need a larger cup size. The cup size of a bra depends on the band size, so if a 34A fits you nicely, you could go down a band size to a 32B. Basically, a band size is how tight or easy you want your band to fit you, so if you wear a tighter band, you'll need a larger cup size to compensate. We've made this super easy to understand in this piece, where we open up new worlds with bra sister sizes. 

Cup Bust Size: It Takes Two To Tango When Bra Online Shopping

It helps to think of band and cup size as doing an eternal waltz together. When one size changes, the other does too. A general rule of thumb is that if you go down a band size, you should go up a cup size, and if you go up a band size, you should go down a cup size. Remember that everything hinges on your band. Your bra's band is your heavyweight working hard to support your boobs. So, you don't want your band to be too loose or too tight. 

What Cup Size is "Small"? 

The volume of your boobs is determined by your cup size. We just saw that your cup size is the alphabet you arrive at when you subtract your band size from your bust size (if you haven't measured yourself yet, head over to our Fit Guide). In general, cup sizes AAA- C are considered small. These are boobs where the difference between the rise (or volume) of the bust and the measurement of the ribcage is between 0.5 inches to about 3 inches. 

Online Bra Shopping: Bagging the Best in Petite Bras

To the best part- shopping for bras. As bra girls, we'll cut through the noise and get you straight to bras that play the A game best. The everyday bra is great to wear under….everything…to work and play. She'll give you all the support you need while you do what you do best. Our strapless bra with her sweetheart neckline adds that extra oomph to your upper body, accentuating your waist and petite frame for a flattering silhouette. Corset bras are a petite boob's girl's best friend with these styling tips. Wear our soft strapless bra as is with a jacket thrown over, or slip her under an evening dress! Where do we even begin with the cami bras? Everyone needs a good lounge bra and a bra that's good for a stroll. Our Everyday Longline Cami Bra pairs perfectly with plunge-neck dresses and tops - read more about how to style a cami bra with pretty much anything on the planet to create a rad outfit! Halter bras are great for petite-sized girls with sloping shoulders (they solve that pesky problem with your straps riding off of your shoulder) and great for everyone else too! The best part about halters? Everything! They exponentially improve your styling game by expanding options (do I want a little lace peekaboo under my dress? Hell, yes!) and are great for an active lifestyle and a day's rest. 

So, many options for our best girls! It's the little things that make bra shopping so much fun.

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