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Playful in Pink: Blush Up Your Look with BRABAR's Pink Bras

One color that can make or break a look - everyone knows it's blush, of course! We're head over heels for pink at BRABAR and why wouldn't we be? Pink is playful, poised and peaceful - imagine a color that does ALL THAT. A pink bra can give vibrance and warmth to a look and add the right touch of femininity to an outfit, just the way you want it. Pink's versatility and energy is what we love so much at BRABAR. We're loving our pale pink and fuschia shades so much and we think you will, too!  Let's dive into the world of pink bras at BRABAR - here we go!

In the Pink - Know How to Find Your Bra Size

Before we go all in and get ourselves some online bra shopping goodies, it's important to hear tips of the trade from mama BRABAR. The best part about bra shopping online is you get all the information you need in one place. And, the most important piece of information you need before bra shopping is the correct way to know your size of bra

BRABAR's EZ- Fit method makes knowing your bra size easy. All you need is a soft measuring tape and to follow the steps on the Fit Guide. This fit guide measures your underbust where the band of your bra sits, right below your breasts, and your bust size. The BRABAR calculator helps you calculate your cup size which is the difference between your underbust or band size and your bust size. Your cup size measurement is represented by a sliding scale of alphabets, each measuring an inch above band size. 

Finding the correct bra fit is extremely important to ensure your pink bra supports you without causing chaffing, gapping or sagging. The good news is that BRABAR makes the best bras for teens and women measuring bra cup sizes AA to DDD, which is an impressive range that ensures every girl finds just the perfect bra fit. 

Once you have your bra size using the Fit Guide, it's time to get bra shopping for pink bras!

The Capable Cami: Pink Cami Bras 

What's all the fuss about cami bras? Here's what makes them sultry showstoppers - they do it all! That's right. Pink cami bras give you the same support levels as a traditional bra without the underwires and sport a relaxed, flattering look. You can wear your pink cami bra out or in and feel your best doing both. 

Each of these pink supportive cami bras features double layer fabric making them some of the best bras for teens and tweens looking for modesty and full coverage. They're cut from super soft and stretchy tencel fabric which offers your breasts room for growth, support and shaping without pesky underwires. The moisture-wicking fabric is easy on your body even after long hours out in the hot sun. 

We love that our pink cami bras work so well as crop tops bras because who'd want to hide that stunner! We love pairing our fuschia pink cami bra with cargo pants or cycling shorts as the weather gets warmer. They pair well with baggy denim, too. 

For those who prefer a seamless and fitted look, the light pink cami bra offers invisible support under slip dresses and figure-hugging tops. 

All Day Blush: Pink Soft Day Bras

Soft day bras do what their name suggests - keep you comfortable, feeling soft, supported and happy through the day. BRABAR's soft day bras come with traditional back hook-on closures and are ideal everyday bras for school and work. These soft day bras in baby pink are double-layered and come with removable pads for girls who want extra modesty under form-fitting tops and blouses. 

The soft day bra in pink features soft knit yarns that offer targeted support to the bust area. This makes sure your breasts are lifted and supported and that any bounce is minimized when you engage in low to medium-impact activities like cycling, walking or dancing. 

Slip the soft day bra in pink under those structured workwear garments and tailored uniforms to stay soft and comfy on the inside while you ace the day.

Bralette Magic: Sporty in Pink

When in doubt, bra-lette it out! That's a mantra we live by and it's been made so easy with this stunning fuschia pink soft V lace bralette. We love to wear the fuschia rose pink lace bralette as a crop top bra paired with pretty much anything we're feeling on the day - sometimes denim, sometimes a pair of leggings or a maxi skirt. Our junior bralettes go well with everything. 

These supportive bralettes with a V-neck offer discreet styling under high-neck and low-neck tops, making them the perfect go-to when styling evening and party wear. We like slipping them under those plunge-neck dresses or showing off the lace detailing by layering under a mesh or lace top. 

Playful Performers: Pink Performance Bras

Who said feminine can't be athletic and sporty? Our sports bras with lace prove the naysayers wrong. The pretty sports bra in pale pink features lace detailing that can glam up any look if you choose to wear the lace sports bra as a crop top. But, it does more than that. Each sports bra in lace features soft, double layered fabric and stretchy supportive microfibre yarns that offer targeted bust support and lift. Show off the lace-detailing under cut-out gym tops at dance class, yoga or pilates or simply wear your lace sports bra in pink as a crop top bra

A pink bra is a powerhouse. It is a good bra for discreet styling under white shirts and crop tops - simply choose a lighter or darker shade of pink to match your skin complexion and watch as your pink bra does the disappearing act (without ghosting on you!). They're just as fancy to style under pretty evening dresses or to layer for just a bit of color pop under cut-out tops and cold-shoulder blouses. And, when you want to show off a bit of color, they're good as crop top bras, too. Really, there's nothing a pink bra can't do!

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