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My Very Own Pair of Boobs

My Very Own Pair of Boobs 

I didn't hit puberty until I was almost 14 and until then I felt like a baby. Walking around school and seeing other girls who were more developed, while I was still stuffing my bra to make my boobs look bigger was pretty embarrassing. Having no hips and skinny little legs didn't help either, wearing kids-size jeans wasn't exactly a confidence booster. I had the body of an 11-year-old boy. Puberty for me seemed like it happened overnight. When I was in ninth grade throughout the school year I went from being flat chested, to being a B cup. Then I went to camp for the summer and came home with D cups. Now I am sitting at my kitchen table wearing a bra that gives my boobs the support they need nothing more nothing less. (BRABAR’s Soft Day Bra) I hate traditional bras with a cup and underwire, the kind of bra my friends and I would get from Pink. I do not think I ever realized how much I detested the traditional bra until Covid hit and we had to stay inside. I never wore a bra and when I did it was either a sports bra or one of my favorite BRABAR bras. I’ve basically given up on real bras and just wear what makes me comfortable. After all, I’m wearing the bra for myself not anyone else; so why shouldn’t my bra make me feel like my best self? Why should I wear an uncomfortable bra, when the bra is for me? I found myself asking these questions as I got dressed for my first day of in-person school, for the first time in almost two years. Of course, I needed to look phenomenal. I was wearing a pink thin strap tank top and chose my horribly uncomfortable 32DD push-up bra. I called that bra “boob jail” and on my first day back to school I did not put my boobs in jail, I put them in my orange HUG Lace Halter bralette. I ended up wearing ripped jeans, my favorite blue high tops, my lucky thong (it has batman on it), mismatched socks, a pink tank top, and a bright orange bralette so obviously poking out for the world to see. Now I’m 19 and I only wear a real bra when my mom tells me to put on a real bra (even though I’m 19) Being a person with boobs doesn’t always feel so great, but there is no reason to not wear what is the most comfortable. They’re my boobs, it’s my bra and I’m just going to do me.

Measuring bra size, especially for girls, involves two key measurements: the underbust (band size) and the bust (cup size). Here's a simple guide to help you measure bra size accurately:

  1. Measuring Underbust (Band Size):

    • Use a soft measuring tape.
    • Ensure the girl is wearing a non-padded bra for accurate measurement.
    • Wrap the measuring tape snugly around her ribcage, directly under the bust.
    • Make sure the tape is level and straight across the back.
    • Record the measurement in inches. If it's an odd number, round up to the nearest even number as bra bands come in even numbers.
  2. Measuring Bust (Cup Size):

    • Wrap the measuring tape loosely around the fullest part of the bust (usually over the nipples).
    • Ensure the tape is level and not too tight.
    • Record this measurement in inches.
  3. Determining Bra Size:

    • Subtract the underbust measurement from the bust measurement. Each inch represents a cup size. For example, a 1-inch difference is an A cup, 2 inches is a B cup, and so on.
  4. Using Girls' Clothing Sizes as a Reference: assuming an over bust measurement 1/2 to 2 inches larger than rib cage.

Girls' clothing sizes can give a starting point for the band size: 

Size 7/8: 24 inches band (Bra Size 24 AA-B)

Size 10: 26 inches band (Bra Size 26 AA-B) 

Size 12: 28 inches band (Bra Size 28 AA-B)

Size 14: 30 inches band (Bra Size 30 AA-B)

Size 16: 32 inches band (Bra Size 32 AA-B)

Size 18: 34 inches band (Bra Size 34 AA-B)

Size 20: 36 inches band (Bra Size 36 AA-B)

Size 22: 38 inches band (Bra Size 38 AA-B)

Size 24: 40 inches band (Bra Size 40 AA-B)

Remember, these are starting points and individual fit may vary. It's important to ensure comfort and proper support in a bra, especially for young girls whose bodies are still developing. If possible, trying on different sizes and styles can help find the best fit.

 Bras for small cups, Bras for large cups

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