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❤️ Loving my boobs. A personal story.

Loving my boobs 


1 word- 4 letters- 2 lumps and a whole lot of confusion. 

Let it be said here first- Boobs are strange. Now you may be wondering what could she possibly mean by that? Boobs are natural, they are a part of puberty, a milestone in the progression of womanhood that every young girl anticipates, wondering how big they will be, when they will come and how they will change their lives. The part that these young girls don’t truly consider is how to deal with this biological baggage. 

Sometimes I think back to a simpler time where I could lay flat on the ground or put on a t-shirt without a second thought. It’s not really that these sacks of tissue just arise on your body one day, but for many including myself, it can be a very fast transition from board to bouncy. I was a bit of a late bloomer myself. Always that kid that looked about 5 years younger than everyone else, needing to convince people that my best friend wasn't my babysitter. I was always jealous of girls whose mothers had packed them with real padded bras and the endless possibilities that these magical chest extensions presented. 

But as they say, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. 

I had never truly resonated with this saying until recently. It seemed that all my late night hopes and prayers went to good use as my bee stings quickly became water balloons. Looking in the mirror at these strange eruptions I had no idea what to do or where to start. Like many of you- I went straight to Victoria's Secret hoping they would be my holy grail. After trying on a million different sizes and styles, I left empty handed. Much to my surprise my boobs were gonna need more help than I thought and that was just the beginning. 

My personal journey has been a tumultuous one, full of ups and downs, love and hate - but most importantly it’s been a story of self growth. When you're younger it’s hard to see beyond societal expectations of womanhood. Many of us, including myself, fall victim to the narrative that you need to have these assets to be considered beautiful. After experiencing everything from small A cups to overflowing DDDs I can be the first to tell you that that is not the case, true beauty shines from within. While I thought that having a full chest would make me happier with myself, once I knew what it was like to be on the other side, I wanted to go right back to the comforts of not wearing a bra. Although no two people will have identical experiences, I think the true secret to this growth comes from within rather than letting society dictate what is deemed beautiful. While I am still on my journey of growth, coming to this realization freed me. It didn't matter if my boobs became the size of Mount Everest or shrunk to pebbles - never again am I going to let archaic ideologies carve my path success.

Spread love,  BB


Loving my boobs can be a rollercoaster experience, especially when it's hard to find the right support. A journey from flat to full can happen seemingly overnight, and all of a sudden, you're on a quest for the best bras for your new size. It's not just about finding any bra, it's about finding the one that feels like it was made for you.

During the transition, many of us make the pilgrimage to popular lingerie stores, only to leave feeling more confused than when we entered. The reality is, our boobs might need more specialized care, like the collections you can find at Shop Bra Bar, which cater to the unique needs of growing teens.

This journey is more than a physical one; it's an emotional ride, too. It can feel like a constant battle between societal standards and personal comfort. Small A cups, medium Bs, Cs, and even overflowing DDDs - no size can define your beauty, and Shop Bra Bar's collection for C-DDD cups proves just that. They offer a range that ensures every person can find their fit, regardless of their size.

I've learned that the right bra for teens isn't just about the physical fit; it's about how it makes you feel. If your journey is similar to mine, you'll know the importance of finding a bra that doesn't just fit your body but fits your life and the changes it's going through.

The confusion that comes with finding the right bra isn't limited to the fitting room. It follows us through every stage of growth, urging us to reconsider what we've been told about beauty and worth. While I've had my share of struggles from A to DDD, the most valuable lesson I've learned is that confidence comes from within. Whether you're looking for a comfortable bralette or a supportive option for larger busts, the journey is yours and yours alone.

In a world where we're often told that bigger is better, I've found solace in brands like Shop Bra Bar, which celebrate every size and encourage self-love, no matter the measurement. It's not about the size of the mountain but the strength within you to climb it.

As you navigate the ever-changing landscape of your body, remember that the best bra for teenagers is one that supports not only your breasts but also your journey to self-acceptance. It's time we redefine the narrative and carve our own paths to success, unbound by archaic ideologies.

Your boobs, whether the size of pebbles or mountains, deserve the best. They deserve a bra that fits, supports, and celebrates them just as they are. So, let's raise a toast to self-growth, to finding the perfect fit for your bust, and to knowing that the true secret to beauty comes from within. The real holy grail isn't a specific bra or a size; it's the realization that you are beautiful just the way you are. And for everything else, there's Shop Bra Bar to help you along the way.

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Loving my boobs


One word. Four letters. Two lumps. And a galaxy of confusion.

Let's just put it out there—boobs are bizarre celestial bodies. You might be pondering, "What on Earth could she mean by that?" Boobs are as natural as the moon's phases, an integral part of the puberty cosmos, a rite of passage in the journey of womanhood that many young girls gaze up at the sky, dreaming about their size, arrival, and the impact they'll have on their universe. What often escapes these stargazers is the art of navigating the nebula of their newfound biological companions.

I sometimes reminisce about a simpler era, a time when laying flat on my back on a grassy meadow or slipping into a t-shirt was as mindless as floating through space. It's not that these mammary constellations suddenly burst into existence on your chest, but the journey from flat plains to rolling hills can sometimes feel like a warp-speed transition. As for me, I was more of a shooting star, appearing later on the horizon. Always the star-child that seemed light-years younger than my cosmic cluster, constantly convincing others that my best friend wasn't my guardian from a more advanced civilization. I envied those earthlings equipped with padded bras like spacesuits, ready to explore the vast potential of these magical chest rockets.

But as the old Martian proverb goes, "Be careful what you wish upon a star for, because it just might come true."

Never did this resonate with me more than when my own celestial bodies transformed from modest asteroids to full-fledged planets. Gazing into the mirror at these unfamiliar orbs, I was lost in space, not knowing what to do or where to begin. Like many of you star travelers, I jetted off to Victoria's Secret, hoping it would be my space station. After docking into countless sizes and styles, I left the station with empty hands. To my surprise, my new planets required more specialized gear than I had anticipated, and this was only the launch of my odyssey.

My personal voyage has been a rollercoaster ride through asteroid belts and supernovas, filled with gravity-defying highs and black-hole lows, interstellar love and hatred. But, most critically, it's been a saga of self-discovery. As a young astronaut, it's tough to navigate through the societal constellations of womanhood. Many of us, myself included, get caught in the black hole that suggests you must possess these cosmic orbs to align with the galaxy's standard of beauty. After orbiting everything from the small moons of A-cups to the vastness of DDD-nebulas, I can broadcast to you that this is not the universal truth. The supernova of authentic beauty ignites from within.

While I once believed that possessing a galaxy of a chest would align my stars with happiness, touching down on the other side made me yearn to retreat back to the weightlessness of bra-free zero gravity. Although no two spacefarers will chart the same course, I've discovered the true secret to this cosmic dance comes from within, rather than following the gravity of societal expectations.

It's time to break free from the gravitational pull of archaic beauty myths and let your individual stars shine. No matter if your celestial bodies grow to the size of Mount Everest or diminish to the quaintness of pebbles, never again shall I let outdated ideologies plot my course through the stars.

Spread love, BB.

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