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INTHE KNOW - BRABAR takes the stress out of bra shopping for teenagers

The first time I was exposed to the struggles of teenage bra shopping was watching. Lizzie McGuire yell in response to her mom that she “wanted a bra, okay? A bra!” The struggles of shopping as a teen continue in today’s hypersexualized world. But BRABAR is encouraging girls to understand their size and what makes them feel comfortable.

A mother herself and lingerie veteran with 25 years in the industry, Wendy Herman sought out to simplify bra shopping for teens. As Herman saw the market was lacking in teen-friendly sizing, she made BraBar. By the BRABAR standard, comfort, as opposed to body image is the key to confidence.

“When girls start to bud, they start to hunch over and stop making eye contact,” Herman tells In The Know. “They stop playing sports, and they compare their bodies and their bra sizes to their sisters, cousins, and friends.”

BraBar is a destination for girls (and their moms) to easily find their proper bra size. BraBar’s EZ-fit method lends itself to the brand’s overall philosophy of how your regular bra should fit like a strapless bra, hugging your ribcage — not hanging from your shoulders. In this lingerie line though, the series of bras feature band sizes from 28 to 38 and fit “snug like a hug,” Herman explains. Also, all of the bras in the line are made wire-free and are designed with soft yarns that contain built-in bra support.

If you want to make bra shopping a little less Lizzie, here are some of the brand’s undergarments to help get you acquainted:



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