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Girl Math is Knowing Your Bra Size Can Change

The guys have nothing on us. Going bra shopping online or offline is a science, it's an art, like trading in stocks (my size was an A, and now it's a C?) and deep learning all at once. What do you mean I need to solve this puzzle that gives me a number and alphabet that sends my boobs to boob jail forever? 

How to know what bra size you are is one of humanity's greatest unsolved mysteries that simply hasn't got the coverage (see, what we did there?) it needs and deserves. But we're here to change that. Getting your bra size and measurements needs collective action, a sisterhood of the bra girls, if you will. This is especially a pain for girls with smaller boobs because you might be tempted to think anything goes because the levels of support you need aren't as much as bigger boob-ed girls. Finding the perfect bra fit is actually important to the health of your boobs and for ensuring a smooth and seamless fit under costumes. 

In this piece, we'll take you through how to know your size of bra, what bust size measurements are and measuring bra cup sizes before we dive into what sister sizing is and what it means. 

Find My Bra Size

On the face of it, finding your bra size is pretty easy. Just follow these simple steps to get to your bra size, a.k.a the number that takes into the world of bra girls. 

Measuring Band Size

Wrap a measuring tape so it sits snug around your chest just below your boobs. Preferably get this reading over a bare breast. This is where the band of your bra fits. 

The reading on the tape tells you what your band size is in inches. 

How to Know Your Bust Size

Now wrap the inch tap over the fullest part of your breast so the tap runs over your nipples. Make sure that the tape sits lightly and is not too tight or loose. 

The reading you see on the tape tells your bust size in inches. 

How to Determine Your Bra Cup Size

On this awe-inspiring journey to becoming a bra girl, you're but a step away from glory, i.e finding your comfiest fit or bra cup size. 

You can find your bra cup size by using this magical formula:

Bust Size - Band Size = Cup Size

For example, if your bust size is 36 inches and your band size is 30 inches, then your cup size is 6 inches in capacity. 

Using the cup size chart, you can tell what your cup size is. 

1/2 inches = Cup Size AA

1 inch = Cup Size A

2 inches = Cup Size B

3 inches = Cup Size C

4 inches = Cup Size D

5 inches = Cup Size DD or E

6 inches = Cup Size DDD or F

7 inches = Cup Size G

8 inches = Cup Size H

In this case, your cup size is DDD or an F. 

Bra Size from Measurements

Can you guess what your bra size is? It's your Band Size + Cup Size put together. 

So, in this case, your band size is 30 inches, and your cup size is DDD, so your bra size is 30DDD!

The Shapeshifting World of Bra Girls

Now, here's the best part of being a bra girl - you're never stuck with one size. You're never one size and that has everything to do with how bras are made. As a small boob girl with an A or AA cup size, you're probably thinking, you're an A and can never be a B. Somewhere out there in the world, a C cup girl is thinking there's no way she can be an A. 

The truth is that your bra size carries your band measurement on it, and the style of the bra can mean different bras sit differently on you. The general rule of thumb is that when a band fits more tightly on you, it automatically decreases the width and depth of the cup. This means that if you wear a bra that sits more tightly on you at the band (but still snug), you'll need to go up a cup size. The good news is your bra size has sister sizes, and hey, the world's always a better place in a sisterhood!

Calculating Sister Sizes and the Idea of the 'Correct Bra Fit'

Bras that are sister sizes are basically bras that carry the same cup volume but have different band lengths (meaning they sit firm or easy on you). So, if you're a 34 A girly, you CAN IN FACT also wear a size 32B or a 36 AA. 

So, how does this work? The rule of thumb is that if you go down a band size, you should go up a cup size, and if you go up a band size, you should go up a cup size for your bra's cup volume to remain the same. The only difference lies in how the band fits you (either firmer or easier). 

So, a 34A girly can wear a 32B bra with a tighter fitting bandline or a 36 AA with an easier fit at the band. 

Knowing your sister size is useful when bra shopping online and offline because you might want different styles to interact with your body in different ways. For instance, you'd want your sports bra to fit firmer at the band, but you're likely to want your everyday loungewear to chill with you with an easier band fit. 

Knowing your sister sizes is also helpful when shopping offline. You walk into a store and you're confronted with rows and rows of possibilities. Knowing that you aren't confined by bra number and that it's all in the fit changes the name of the game. 

When you come to get fitted with us, we ease you into your bra size and introduce you to her sisters too! If you prefer finding your girlies from the privacy of your home, use our explainer above or this nifty fit guide to know your size and reach out to us, if you have questions on size, sister sizes, our styles that work for size and the perfect bras for you! 

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