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Finding the Perfect Fit for 28: A BRABAR Story for the Underserved

For girls and young women navigating the often overwhelming world of bras, discovering that perfect fit can feel like a frustrating journey punctuated by moments of thrilling victory. This is especially true for those with less common sizes like 28C, 28D, 28DD, 28DDD, 28E, 28F, 28G, and 28H. The struggle to find a bra that not only fits but also feels comfortable and supportive can seem never-ending. Enter BRABAR, where the story begins not just with a product, but with a personal quest for inclusivity and understanding at BRABAR’s Collection.

The BRABAR Revolution

At the heart of BRABAR's creation was a simple, yet profound need. Wendy, the founder of BRABAR, watched her daughter face significant challenges finding bras that fit her unique 28DD size as a sophomore in high school. With a small band and a large bust, she embodied the petite and full-busted teen girl who was grossly underserved by mainstream lingerie brands. This experience highlighted a glaring gap in the market: a lack of options for those with 28-inch rib cages, leading to a mission to design bras and bralettes that cater specifically to this demographic.

Embracing the Rib Cage Method

BRABAR embraces the rib cage method of measuring, ensuring a more accurate and personalized fit. This approach focuses on measuring directly under the bust and around the ribcage, rounding to the nearest even number to determine the band size. For instance, measurements for sizes like 28D and 28DDD are treated with precision, offering a tailored solution for those who've often been measured incorrectly elsewhere. Learn more about our measuring techniques at BRABAR's Fit Guide.

The "plus 4" method is a traditional way of measuring bra sizes that has contributed to the common confusion around bra sizing, including how someone might mistakenly believe they are a 32A when they could be a better fit in a size like 28DD. This method involves adding four inches to the underbust measurement to determine the band size, then calculating the cup size based on the difference between this adjusted band measurement and the bust measurement. Here's how this method could lead to the confusion between sizes like 32A and 28DD:

  1. Measuring the Underbust and Bust: Let's say a person measures their underbust (ribcage) at 28 inches and their bust at 34 inches.
  2. Applying the Plus 4 Rule: According to the plus 4 method, you would add four inches to the underbust measurement, making the band size 32 inches instead of the actual 28 inches measured.
  3. Determining the Cup Size: The cup size is determined by the difference between the bust measurement and the band size calculated with the plus 4 method. In this case, a 34-inch bust minus a 32-inch band (after adding four) results in a 2-inch difference. Each inch represents one cup size, so a 2-inch difference corresponds to a B cup, but since we are illustrating the misconception leading to an A cup, let's adjust the scenario to a bust measurement that is 33 inches, leading to a 1-inch difference and thus, an A cup. So, by the plus 4 method, this person might think they're a 32A.
  4. The Reality of Band and Cup Size: However, if we use the person's actual underbust measurement of 28 inches as the band size (eschewing the plus 4 method) and consider a bust measurement that gives them a DD cup in the 28 band (for simplicity, sticking close to our first scenario, let's say a 5-inch difference from the actual underbust to bust measurement), they would be a 28DD. The 5-inch difference from the 28-inch band size (actual ribcage measurement) to a bust measurement suggests a DD cup, resulting in a 28DD sizing.
  5. Why the Confusion Happens: The plus 4 method can often lead to overestimated band sizes and underestimated cup sizes. This is because adding inches to the actual underbust measurement generally pushes individuals into larger band sizes and smaller cup sizes than what might be ideal based on their body's dimensions. As a result, someone who truly fits a 28DD may have been wearing a 32A, experiencing poor fit issues due to a band that's too loose and cups that don't accurately accommodate their breast volume.

The movement away from the plus 4 method towards using the actual ribcage measurement for the band size aims to correct these sizing inaccuracies, providing a better fit and more support by ensuring the band is snug enough and the cups are the right volume for the wearer's breasts.

Unveiling the Mystery of 28D and Beyond: A Comprehensive Guide to Smaller Band, Larger Cup Sizes

Finding the perfect bra, especially for those requiring sizes like 28D, 28DD, 28DDD (28E), 28F, and 28G, can often feel daunting. These sizes are more prevalent than many might assume but are still widely misunderstood and underrepresented in the lingerie market. This guide aims to demystify these sizes, debunk common myths, and direct you to where you can find your true fit, particularly highlighting BRABAR's selection for those with smaller band sizes and larger cup sizes.

Understanding the 28 Band Size

For those with an underbust measurement of approximately 28 inches, finding a supportive and comfortable band size is crucial. The BRABAR Fit Guide emphasizes the importance of a snug band for support, challenging the common practice of wearing larger bands.

The Cup Size Conundrum: D to G

Cup size is relative to band size, making a 28D much different in volume from a 34D, for example. Those wearing sizes 28D to 28G often struggle to find bras that fit correctly due to misconceptions about what these sizes look like. BRABAR's Soft Bra Collection caters specifically to this need, offering a range of styles designed for comfort and support.

Navigating Sizes 28D to 28G

Here are some tips for those navigating these unique sizes:

  • Measure Correctly: Accurately measuring your underbust and bust is key to finding your true size. The BRABAR Fit Guide provides detailed instructions to ensure you get accurate measurements.
  • Explore Specialty Brands: Brands like BRABAR specialize in catering to those with smaller band sizes and larger cup sizes, offering an array of options from everyday bras to comfortable bralettes within the Soft Bra Collection.


Women needing sizes 28D through 28G should not have to compromise on support or style. Understanding your true size and knowing where to find bras designed for smaller bands and larger cups can revolutionize your lingerie drawer. Visit BRABAR’s collections tailored for unique sizes like 28D to 28G, and discover the perfect fit you’ve been searching for.

Remember, for a comprehensive understanding of how to measure yourself accurately and to explore a range of bras designed specifically for smaller bands with larger cups, refer to BRABAR's Fit Guide and check out their Soft Bra Collection for comfortable, stylish options.

The Original HUG Bralettes

The original HUG bralettes were born out of necessity but have since become a symbol of comfort and support for teens and young women with C, D, DD, DDD cups, and specifically, those elusive 28, 30, 32, 34, and 36 band sizes. These bralettes cater to the underserved, ensuring that girls with petite frames and larger busts no longer have to compromise on fit or fashion. Discover the collection that started it all at BRABAR’s Bralettes.

A Fusion of Support and Comfort

Imagine if a dreamy, comfy, supportive wireless bra and a sports bra had a baby – that's essentially what BRABAR is. For girls and women wearing size 28 bands and seeking wireless bras with genuine support, BRABAR has become a haven. Each product, from the 28DD bra to the 28DD bralette, is crafted with the understanding that comfort doesn't have to be sacrificed for support. Explore our Soft Bra Collection and find the best bras for C to DDD cups at Best Bras for C-DDD Cup.

More Than Just a Bra

BRABAR is more than a lingerie brand; it's a movement towards fostering self-love and confidence among young women. By providing bralettes and bras that fit perfectly, BRABAR encourages girls to recognize that their value extends far beyond physical appearance. It's about celebrating every aspect of who they are, with the support they deserve.

The Place to Go

For those who've faced the frustration of searching high and low for their size, BRABAR stands as a beacon of hope. It's the go-to place for anyone wearing a 28 band and in need of a wireless bra that doesn't skimp on support. With BRABAR, the search for the elusive perfect fit ends, replaced by the thrill of finding a bra that feels as if it was made just for you.

The story of BRABAR, inspired by a real need, underscores the importance of inclusivity in the lingerie industry. It's a testament to the power of understanding and catering to the unique needs of young women everywhere. For those with 28-inch rib cages, BRABAR is not just a brand; it's a community where they're seen, understood, and embraced.
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