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Every Girl Finding the Perfect Fit: Our Founder's Mission

Finding the Perfect Fit for Teen Girls 

The journey to finding the perfect bra size is a shared experience for women and girls worldwide, an experience that is deeply personal to our founder. It’s more than just a quest for the right measurements—it’s about feeling empowered and confident every day.

Our Founder's Story: A Revelation in Sizing

It all began with a shopping trip. Our founder and her 15-year-old daughter, who measured a 28-inch underbust and a 33-inch overbust, stood in the middle of a lingerie store surrounded by bras that simply didn’t fit. Size 28DD seemed elusive, especially for teens. With every size they encountered from 32A up to 32C, the lack of options for small band sizes with a larger bust became glaringly obvious. This pivotal moment sparked the inception of BRABAR, a brand committed to embracing all sizes, particularly providing for young women who often fall between the standard sizing gaps.

Why the Right Size Matters

Wearing the perfect bra size is a step towards feeling fantastic every day. For a teenager who needs a teen bra or a tween looking for her first bralette teens, the right fit is key to comfort and support. BRABAR makes sure that finding a teenage bra isn’t a frustrating experience, offering sizes that celebrate a young woman’s true shape.

Educating for a Better Fit

Understanding how to measure for a bra is crucial, and BRABAR provides tools and guidance to make it easy. From how to measure bust sizes to navigating through bra size for teenagers, our resources are designed to empower young women to find their perfect size without guesswork.

Inclusivity in Every Stitch

Our founder's vision is reflected in every product we offer. Whether it's the comfort of a halter bralette or the sleek style of a cami-bra, our range caters to the diverse needs of teens and tweens. Our commitment means providing a bra for tweens that’s as supportive and stylish as any adult bra on the market.

Join Our Fit Revolution

At BRABAR, we invite you to be part of our mission. We're more than just a company; we're a movement towards better fitting bras, no matter your age or size. Discover the difference of a well-fitting bra with BRABAR, and step into a world where each bra is crafted with care, understanding, and an unwavering commitment to comfort and style. Visit us today and find the right fit for the teen in your life—or for yourself. Because at BRABAR, every size is celebrated, and every girl is included.

Our founder's story isn't just the narrative behind the brand—it's the cornerstone of our commitment to ensuring every young woman can find her perfect bra size, paving the way for a future where comfort and style go hand in hand with confidence and self-expression at every age.

Navigating the World of Bra Sizing for Every Age

Finding the right bra size can be a perplexing quest, but it's a journey every girl and woman undertakes. From the initial steps into teen bras to figuring out adult sizes, it's crucial to get the fit just right to ensure comfort and proper support. Let's walk through the process of finding your true bra size, from teens to tweens and every stage in between.

The Starting Point: Understanding Your Size

The most common issue faced is wearing the wrong bra size. A bra that's too tight can lead to discomfort, while one that's too loose won't provide adequate support. Begin by measuring your band size — this is the foundation of your bra fit. You can find a detailed guide on how to measure band size on BRABAR's website.

Teenagers: The Formative Years

For teens just beginning to wear bras, it's often a time of rapid change. Bra sizes for teenagers can fluctuate, and it's not uncommon to see sizes like 28DD or 32 bra cup size among young women. It's important during these years to check your size regularly to accommodate growth and changes in the body.

How to Find the Right Bra for Teens

Teens should look for bras that offer both comfort and the right amount of coverage. The teenager bra sizes guide can help you navigate this, ensuring that as teens grow, they continue to wear the right size — never having to rely on guesswork or discomfort.

Measuring for the Perfect Fit

Measuring is a critical step — it's how you know if you should go up a cup size or adjust the band. Always use a soft measuring tape and follow the guide on how to measure for a bra size. And remember, a sister size can be a great alternative if your exact size isn't available. For example, if you're a 28DD, the 28DD sister size might also offer a comfortable fit.

From Tweens to Adults: The Sizing Evolution

As girls grow into tweens and then into adulthood, their bra needs evolve. It's not just about bra size for teenagers anymore; it's about finding a size that accommodates the mature body. The tweens bra size calculator can be a fun and easy tool to use for younger girls who are just starting out on their bra-wearing journey.

Ensuring the Right Fit Across the Board

No matter the age, having the right bra size is about more than just numbers; it's about how you feel wearing it. Whether it's a band size 28 or larger, the goal is to feel supported and comfortable all day long. Remember, the right bra should feel like a second skin, and not something you can't wait to take off.

The Verdict: Comfort, Confidence, and the Right Size

At BRABAR, we understand the importance of a well-fitting bra. That's why we offer comprehensive guides and tools like the bra size calculator to help you find the perfect fit. With our guidance, you can say goodbye to the days of guessing the bra size game and welcome a new era of bra-wearing that's defined by comfort and confidence.

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