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Empowering the Next Generation: How BRABAR is Transforming the Bra Industry


Witnessing my 15-year-old daughter's struggles to find a bra that fit properly was a pivotal moment for me. It highlighted a staggering issue: 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size. This not only fueled my frustration but also galvanized my determination to leverage my 20 years of experience in the intimate apparel sector to create a solution—thus, BRABAR was born.

At BRABAR, our mission is to address the widespread issues of inconsistent measuring and lack of inclusivity that many women face. We are actively debunking outdated measuring methods like the armpit method used by Victoria's Secret, the special measuring tapes used at Aerie, and the incorrect practice of adding four inches to the band size. Instead, we advocate for the global standard ribcage method of measurement, which ensures a more accurate and supportive fit.

As the founder of BRABAR, I've seen firsthand the challenges women face in finding bras that truly fit. This is why I'm thrilled to announce the launch of our Bra Size Calculator, an essential tool in our comprehensive Fit Guide aimed at standardizing bra measuring methods in the US. This initiative is at the core of the BRABAR movement, dedicated to empowering women with the knowledge to find their perfect fit from the comfort of their homes.

It's a troubling truth that eight out of ten girls wear the wrong bra size. Our Fit Guide and the new Calculator are designed to address this by using our E-Z Fit Method, which simplifies the measurement process. We encourage women to measure their band and bust sizes at home, which leads to more accurate sizing and boosts confidence.

Our Calculator demystifies bra sizing through a clear, three-step process: measure the band size, measure the bust, and then calculate the cup size. This approach guides women to their correct bra size and stresses the importance of proper fit for optimal comfort and support.

Why the BRABAR Movement Matters

The BRABAR movement is about more than finding the right fit; it's about changing the conversation around body image and self-confidence. Many women and girls experience discomfort and reduced confidence due to poorly fitting bras. By promoting comfort as the foundation of confidence, BRABAR advocates that every woman deserves to feel secure and comfortable every day.


Since its inception, BRABAR has led the way in redefining bra fit and focusing on the benefits of wire-free bras and bralettes rooted in comfort, support, and style. We are committed to inclusivity, offering sizes from AA to DDD/F, and serving a diverse range of young women. We focus on quality, inclusivity, and sustainability, redefining foundational wear for today’s generation.

In the US, the method for measuring bra sizes has been inconsistent, often leading to confusion and discomfort. Common methods like the armpit measurement promoted by Victoria's Secret, or the outdated practice of adding four inches to the band size as seen with brands like SKIMS and Soma, complicate the process unnecessarily. BRABAR's use of the global standard rib cage method offers a clear, accurate way to determine the best bra size, eliminating confusion and ensuring women can confidently find a bra that fits well and feels great.

Join us as we lead this charge. Explore our Fit Guide, try our Bra Size Calculator, and be part of a movement that champions comfort, confidence, and empowerment for all women. Together, we can ensure that the future of intimate apparel is as supportive and empowering as the bras we create.

For more information and to find your perfect fit, visit BRABAR Fit Guide. Join us in making a difference in how bras are worn and perceived.

Challenging Outdated Methods

Traditional bra sizing methods often lead to improper fit, causing discomfort and a lack of adequate support. By adopting the ribcage method, BRABAR ensures that each bra fits perfectly around the body, providing the necessary support exactly where it's needed. This approach not only simplifies the measuring process but also empowers women to find bras that truly fit their bodies.

Revolutionizing the Industry

Our goal at BRABAR is to revolutionize the intimates industry by standardizing bra sizing for the next generation. We aim to make it effortless for every young woman to find a bra that not only fits perfectly but also boosts her confidence. We are committed to transforming a routine shopping experience into an empowering one, ensuring that every young woman can confidently understand and choose her true size.

Building a Future of Empowerment

BRABAR is not just about creating bras; we are forging a future where every girl feels empowered and supported. Our products and educational efforts encourage a positive body image and self-confidence, promoting a culture where comfort is the foundation of confidence.

Our mission at BRABAR goes beyond simply helping young women find the perfect bra through education on proper fit and offering an inclusive size range from AA to DDD/F. We're about inspiring the next generation with unwavering confidence. We are at the forefront of a movement toward standardized bra sizing, aiming to transcend basic comfort and support. At BRABAR, we do more than sell bras; we're dedicated to effecting transformative change and making a positive impact on the lives of young women.

We envision a world where young women are no longer constrained by ill-fitting bras but are empowered to embrace their bodies and feel secure in their intimate apparel. Join us as we continue to challenge the status quo and transform the intimates industry. Discover the difference a perfectly fitted bra can make and the confidence that comes with it at BRABAR. Let's embrace a future where every girl feels comfortable, supported, and empowered.


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