A Comfy Bra is Worth the Hype

BRABAR Soft V-Neck Crop: 

Bra for Girls : It's super soft (hello, the name), and can even be flipped around for a deeper V-shaped neck. Plus, it fits many sizes, ranging from A to DDD—talk about innovative! I've definitely worn this a bunch and can say from experience that with each wash, it gets even softer.


This particular piece from BRABAR is exceptional. 

black bralette

BRABAR is a source for all things bras for teen girls, juniors and young women with BOOBs.

Always Wire-free, Comfortable, Supportive Bras & Bralettes, worn unlined or with pads.

Bras for Teen Girls

Just getting started? Already a seasoned bra wearer? We've got you covered!

Bras & Bralettes with fits for micro and macro boobies! 

BRABAR bras will continue to fit a growing bust with fits AA-DDD.

Comfortable Bras, Halters, & Bralettes are loved by Petite & Full-Busted girls alike.

Soft, Supportive Bras with Smooth Cups, Removable Padding, Fully Adjustable Straps & 3 Hook Back Closures. Starter Bras, Everyday Bras, Tween Bras, Teen Bras, Juniors Bras

 WRAP Certified Facilities

Confidence in Textiles Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified Facilities

Business Social Compliance Initiative BSCI Certified Facilities
Seamless Construction is the most eco-conscious method of product manufacturing. 


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Teenage Bra Brands

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