Change starts with our kids, and our goal is to educate the girls of Generation Z - BRABAR

Change starts with our kids, and our goal is to educate the girls of Generation Z

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Wendy Herman launched a business out of a desire to educate teenage girls about fit and the importance of wearing the right size bra; because comfort is the foundation of confidence

BRABAR was born of a desire to educate teenage girls about fit and the importance of wearing the right size bra; because comfort is the foundation of confidence. Women today do not know how to measure themselves; in fact, 8 of 10 wear the wrong size bra. Our EZ-fit method teaches young women to find the correct band measurement: essential to a proper fit. Think Sport bra meets Bralette. Designed for style, comfort, and a supportive fit; our HUG bralette is loved by petite & full-busted girls alike. We believe that every girl should know how to find her bra size.

What motivated you to become an entrepreneur? Is having your own business something you always wanted? What were you doing before this?  How did it prepare you for the entrepreneurial life

BRABAR began as a passion project, and having my own business was not on my mind. I spent my career in intimates working with brands that were owned by publicly traded and privately owned companies. Working on BRABAR as an entrepreneur has been as exciting and energizing as it has been challenging and eye-opening. The ability to be nimble and try new things is easier; yet with fewer hands and resources, I don't always get to spend my time doing things that add the most value. I love comradery, collaboration and leading a team. Working as an entrepreneur in a self-funded startup I do miss some of those things.

How did you come up with your business idea? What inspired you?

I have a teenage daughter (17), and I spent my career in intimates. I see the challenge personally and professionally. Comfort really is the foundation of confidence. I noticed a hole in the market for teens needing bralettes with support; inspired by teenage girls wearing structured bras underneath trendy unsupportive bralettes. Many bralettes in the market aren’t supportive enough especially for full busts. Many bands are too big for teens with a small ribcage. Wearing BRABAR is as if a Bralette and a Sportsbra had a baby. BRABAR HUG bralettes were specifically designed for petite & full busted teens who need smaller bands, larger cups sizes or more support. BRABAR bralettes are easy to wear and supportive for the larger cup sizes C, D, DD, DDD with band sizes as small as 28 .

What is one thing you find to be true that most people would disagree with?

Things are not always what they seem & Just because something has "always" been done a certain way does not mean it should be done that way.

What is your biggest dream? Why?

Change starts with our kids, and our goal is to educate the girls of Generation Z on fit and the importance of wearing the right size bra. Miseducation starts in a girls teens, and we hope to break the cycle. We believe that every girl should know how to find her bra size. We are looking to impact change by educating future generations of girls.

I am very passionate about bras, and teenage girls for a simple yet important reason – Comfort is the foundation of confidence. Embarrassment about changing bodies and growing up escalates girls concerns about body image. Unrealistic expectations and social media are getting in the way of girls psychological development. Feelings about breast development are one of the top reasons girls drop out of sports. Studies have shown that approximately 3 out of 4 teenage girls have breast-related concerns.

BRABAR brand is focused on teen girls with a specific mission of getting these girls into bras they love to wear, educating girls on fit and; empowering them with control over their bodies while building confidence. We aim to help girls feel comfortable and confident in her skin. Getting into and wearing a bra just the right size is truly important and when a girl feels empowered, her possibilities are endless. We are giving our girls the tools in their toolboxes to be their best selves. We are working to free up the emotional energy necessary to help girls focus on who they are and what they want to achieve in life. We want to continue to build her self-esteem and to grow strong, confident young women. We want the future generations of girls to maximize their potential. This is a problem I felt that I could do something about.

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Choosing the right bra for your daughter, especially her first one, is a significant step. It's important to focus on comfort, fit, and age-appropriate styles. Here are some resources and tips to guide you through this process:

  1. BB Girl Collection at Shop BRABAR:

    • This collection offers bras for tweens and teen girls, focusing on comfortable and appropriate options for younger wearers. You can explore the collection for a variety of styles that might suit your daughter's needs.
    • BB Girl Collection​​.
  2. Starter Kits at Shop BRABAR:

    • Shop BRABAR also offers starter kits which are ideal for first-time bra wearers. These kits typically include wireless bras, providing comfort and a good introduction to wearing bras.
    • Starter Kits ​​.

In addition to these specific resources, here are some general tips to consider:

  • Emphasize Comfort: Look for bras with soft fabrics and a fit that is snug but not too tight.

  • Measuring for the Right Fit:

    • Band Size: Measure under her bust, ensuring the tape is level and snug.
    • Cup Size: Measure around the fullest part of her bust; the difference between this measurement and the band size determines the cup size.
  • Choose Age-Appropriate Styles: Starter or training bras are good options for younger girls. They offer minimal support but help in getting used to wearing a bra.

  • Consider Her Activities: If she's active in sports, consider getting a sports bra for the necessary support.

  • Adjustable Features: Bras with adjustable straps and multiple hook options can accommodate growth and provide a better fit over time.

  • Involve Her in the Process: Allowing your daughter to express her preferences in terms of style and fit is important for her comfort and confidence.

  • Be Prepared for Size Changes: Regularly check if her bras still fit comfortably as she may outgrow them quickly.

  • Educate on Proper Bra Care: Teach her how to wash and store her bras properly to extend their lifespan.

Remember, the right bra can make a significant difference in comfort and confidence, especially for a young girl. It's as much about the emotional experience as it is about the physical fit.


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