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Why Bra Education is Important

Bra Education is important. For tween and teen girls navigating their changing bodies, we designed bras that help these kids feel great. We are here to spread the message of self-love for teen girls, young women, and their parents. Many moms need more fit assistance and bra knowledge. BRABAR bridges the bra gap between childhood and adulthood for teenage girls. Age and bra size are not the same, and teen girls that have full busts need supportive, comfortable bras designed for them.   Keep in mind that the first bra is more than just a product. Parents and daughters are navigating puberty, and we can help them by providing resources to make this time more manageable. 

Where is the problem? Bra Sizing is the result of understanding the essential math of bra fitting. Designers start with the same raw data when developing new products. There are three main measurements—ribcage/underbust, fullest part of the bust/overbust, and top of the bust/ armpit, which are the same whether you wear BRABAR or any other brand. 

The issue becomes the discrepancy in measuring methods between brands, especially for the wearer. For teens there is a large need for band sizes smaller than 32 inches. Bra sizing is a relationship between the numbers. Offering band sizes for smaller frames or larger cups is essential for an inclusive and proper fit for teenage girls who are currently overlooked. 16 and 17-year-old girls are not women and do not have women's bodies. Teen breasts are closer together, and frames are often smaller; plus, what teen wants to wear the same bra as her mom?  

BRABAR Bra Size Calculator - How to measure at Home in under 5 minutes

You can begin by measuring the ribcage.

Measure directly underneath the bust, swinging around the ribcage. Round the measurement to the nearest even number shown to determine the band size. The band size is your ribcage measurement.

Next, we'll look at measuring the bust.

Hold the measuring tape parallel to the floor while measuring around the back, starting at the fullest part of the bust. Then, round to the nearest whole number to receive your bust size.

Finally, you can measure bra cup size at home using the bust measurement you just received.

Subtract your band size from your bust size, and boom = cup size

The cup capacity is calculated in inches. 

A cup = 1 inch

B cup = 2 inches

C cup = 3 inches

D cup = 4 inches 

DD/E cup = 5 inches

DDD/F = 6 inches

Here is a list of bra size measurements and bra size examples for visual reference:

BAND 28 BUST 32 = 28 D   

BAND 30 BUST 35 = 30DD

BAND 32 BUST 36 = 32D

BAND 34 BUST 35 = 34A

BAND 36 BUST 39 = 36C

BAND 38 BUST 42 = 38D

BAND 28 BUST 34 = 28DDD

BAND 30 BUST 36 = 30DDD

BAND 30 BUST 32 = 30B

Hopefully, you now understand how to confidently measure your bra size at home with our EZ-fit method! 

The Proper Fit

Does the size you received after measuring surprise you? So many sizes -


BRABAR Bra Size Calculator - How to measure at Home in under 5 minutes


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